File action - smart rules

My understanding is that File action in a smart rule allow to file into a group within the defined group in a smart rule? Is that correct?

How can I define a rule which would allow me to file into the different group based on a “Year of Document Date”.

For example right now I have a setup with:

  • Archive
    • 2020
    • 2021

I am trying to create a rule which can automatically put the file into the right year folder which is located elsewhere in the Database. So i was hoping I can create something like
Absolute Path/“Year of Document Date” e.g. /Users/User/Documents/Archive/“Year of Document Date”

The File action expects locations inside the database, not filesystem paths. Therefore it would simply look like this:

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Thanks a lot Christian. I would never find this out w/o your help :slight_smile:
This worked out nicely and offers a very scalable solution based on the “Year of Doc Date” placeholder. Cool!

Thanks for making this very clear in 3.8.1.
Again, this is incredible, how diligent Devon team is!!! #amazing

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Glad you find it helpful and thanks for the more thanks! :slight_smile:

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