File duplication

Hi everyone,

I am new to DTTG/DT3. I tried to google my problem but couldn’t find a solution. Forgive me if I asked something stupid.

I noticed that when I “Move” a file in DTTG from Global Inbox to my database, two identical file will be created after sync. The two files got the same Path with different Added time/Geolocation.

It’s quite disturbing as you see the file again and again. Thanks for your help.

How do you sync? Bonjour, cable, NAS, or a cloud service?

What settings do you use for conflict resolution? (see page 31 of the DTTG manual)

Welcome @FrancoC

There are no stupid questions (unless one was being willfully ignorant or a provocateur). :slight_smile:

Please clarify the type of “file” and where did it come from, e.g., clipped from Safari ?

I used iCloud for sync and chose newest for conflicts

Haha thanks @BLUEFROG

The files could be anything like pdf PowerPoint or markdown text. For markdown text, it’s mostly exported from Highlights app.

Does this happen moving files to a particular database?

I am not sure about that. I am currently using one database only. (Still a newbie for DT)

Is the moved file an indexed one?

Yes it is…But the problem seems to be solved now when I deal with anther issue about inbox…so thank you guys!

You’re welcome.
What was the other issue with the Inbox?

During the sync, there is always an error about “expected inbox 2”

On iOS or on the Mac? A screenshot would be useful.