Filename syntax in search rules

Here is the scenario: I would like to create a smart group that collects all the files that end in _1 (to unearth some duplicates), but not in the extension in the file. If I enter “_1” in the search box, it doesn’t work because it would also want to include the file extension (e.g., .pdf). How can I search for “_1” as the end part of the file and extend it to all files, without having to enter a line for each extension that determines the file type.

What about the “duplicates” function in DT? Doesn’t it find those files?

This query name:~_1. is not 100% what you’re looking for but it shoud be ok in most cases. You could use this query with Script: Create or change smart group(s).

Yes, but then it does not clearly list what is the duplicate (“-1”) and the original. I had that issue ages ago, but with the latest (*) DT versions it never happened.

(*) Not only the latest, but it hasn’t happened to me since some (a lot) versions ago. Why English does not have latestS?