Files app can’t load contents from DTTG

The Files app integration is not working at all. It always shows “Content Unavailable” after a flash.

Do you have DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Security enabled and set to lock Immediately?

I have all Security settings off.

Do you have ungrouped JPEG files in the location you’re trying to access?


I’m wondering if it’s because of the relatively “big” number of files in a single directory (169 items). Smaller database loads fine.

That could well be. The Files app is known for notoriously killing connections to file provider when they use just a little bit of memory too much. Which is not very much, actually.

I think I figured out the reason here. I tried adding various files into a new database to see when the Files app shows “Content Unavailable”. Here are some observations.

When adding an image file (tested with jpeg and png), the Files app shows “Content Unavailable”. But usually after tapping “Retry”, it goes back normal.

However, for some larger images (over 5mb), it shows the files for a brief moment but then keeps showing “Content Unavailable”, after tapping “Retry” repeatedly. I think it’s because the Files app is trying to generate a thumbnail for the image but couldn’t succeed for some reason. I managed tap on those images and open them with the brief moment I got. When I close the it, the image got a thumbnail and Files stopped showing “Content Unavailable”.

I hope this could help you to solve the problem. I know you are busy developing the new Mac version. But please give DTTG a little maintenance. Thanks in advance!

I fear the reason is that the Files app kills a file provider when it’s using just a bit more memory than a few megabytes. So we’re thinking about precalculating thumbsnails for Files instead of building them on-the-fly.

I have the same problem and it is a JPEG image of 736 KB creating the problem. When I move it the problem moves.

Thanks. This agrees with other tests we have conducted. Cheers!

We have changed the way previews are calculated which should fix the problem with the Files app.

Thanks for the fix! I’m wondering if this will be released into App Store soon. I have been checking for updates of 2.7.2 since it’s mentioned like two weeks ago. It would be great if you could let me know that it’s still work in progress so I can stop checking App Store.

Releases of our applications are announced on our blog and Twitter account.

Yes, it‘s still work in progress. We might mention the next update even though it is not ready for prime-time.