Find me and open a window (group or document)

Deleted. Staff published their own version.

Nice, korm!

A small adjustment, as it was erroring for me when no results were found.

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use scripting additions

-- Script "find and open me" will open a new window for the first record found
-- Install this in the toolbar for best results
-- Documents: open in document window
-- Groups: open in viewer window
-- Option to open in a tab instead of a window
-- /c/ Korm 201803
-- Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

property openTab : false

tell application id "DNtp"
	set searchFor to display name editor info "Enter name of group / document to search for"
	set searchResults to search searchFor within titles -- This searches only the current database
	if searchResults ≠ {} then
		if openTab then
			set theTab to open tab for record (first item of searchResults) in viewer window 1
			set theWindow to open window for record (first item of searchResults)
		end if
		display alert "No documents found."
	end if
end tell

Also, the searchScope is the current database, so I added a comment on that line.

AppleScript neophyte over here!

Dropping the above into the script editor, and attempting a compile(?), sees me get this error: “Syntax error – A property cant’ go after this identifier”.
The identifier in question appears to be “display name” in the first line, at least - that appears to be what is highlighted?

I’m probably missing something obvious - like the first part of the script? :blush:

Any suggestions?

Apologies. I was excerpting korm’s script. I edited my post to include the original code (including attribution) with my minor edits.

Much obliged to you and @korm!

(My apology: I don’t know how to paste a block of code in the forum)

For 3.0 I have done a patchy work that is based on the script in this thread but using the std group selector. With this script I can search for a group and open a new window with the selected group as focus. However, I am just wondering if there is a newer reference for the group selector used in 3.0 (the opt-cmd-g dialogue)? The reason is that I can type the group’s name right away in the new selector while I need to click the search field in the default group selector before start typing.

Thank you in advance

Just found out that there is a much easier way to code the script. I still hope someone can advise whether the newer group selector is available for us to use.

This script, as a button in tool bar, is handy for any one who want to stay focused within a specific group while needing to jump to another group to check for additional info/ref.