Floating Sorter

Is it possible to have a detachable floating sorter window?

For instance, when I right click on the main DT program icon and select “take note” it opens the sorter in a fixed position centered on the iOS menu bar icon.

I mention this for two reasons: 1) the fixed sorter window sometimes covers the thing I want to refer to when taking the note (and it would be easier to move the sorter than the underlying document, since it is smaller); 2) visually when writing, the upper third of the screen is sometimes not as convenient as the center.

For the record, the integrated sorter with various note taking features is great. This is just an observation about the fixity of its position on the screen.

If the Sorter is disabled, using the Take Note hot key will open s separate floating window. Beyond that, no you can’t float the Sorter.

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No idea if it’s possible from a programming perspective. But would be a cool feature for DT4. Thanks!

No problem :slight_smile: