Folder actions/folders for import to specific databases only


Is it possible to have, for example three DTP databases (one open at a time) and any number of folders in the finder that have folder actions attached linking the import of the contained items to a specific database?

In other words, I may deposit various content into nine different folders with the “import to DTP” folder action attached.

Is it possible to target specific databases among these folders so that when I launch a specific database, only the relevant folder’s contents are imported?


Just have a look at this thread for example:

And to open a database, use a command like…

open database "/Users/milhouse/Documents/MyDatabase.dtBase"


thank you

Hi, I’m looking for this information as of April 02, 2020.
Can anybody point me to the relevant information?

I’ve tried WayBack Machine but to no avail.
Thank you!

(or are the old forums still available somewhere? read-only?)

If you’re jsut wanting to know how to open a database, it can be done like so…

tell application id "DNtp"
	open database "/Users/yourUserName/Databases/soemDatabase.dtBase2"
end tell

Regarding the previous post, @eboehnisch may know.

Thanks Jim, will go step-by-step. It’s been a while.
Keep you posted tomorrow.