Folder Actions - No Tags?


This is probably a simple fix, but I have a slight problem with using folder actions. I have the “Index to selected Group” action set up on a folder, but it doesn’t give the the option to add specified tags to the indexed files.

I suspect that the answer might be to modify the script, but I’m new to scripting, so I’m not sure how. I did look through this post and the others associated with it, but to no avail: Basic example - folder action script to import to specified DB + specified group + add specified tags


Are you wanting to add a specific set of tags to files being dropped in that folder?

Also note DEVONthink 3’s smart rules can accomplish the same thing without scripting (though scripting is fun and there is an Execute Script action in smart rules).

I’d prefer to be able to add the tags of my choice - ie. I index a receipt from 2019, so I add the tags “2019” and “Receipt” upon indexing. Or I index a book on the philosophy of mind, so I add the tag “Philosophy of Mind.”

Why don’t you just add the tag before putting it in your indexed location?

Ok, that work around is actually better than what I wanted to do! Thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: