Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager 64-bit Catalina

Fujitsu has released a 64-bit version of ScanSnap Manager that works on Catalina:

The link says this is in support of the IX1500 which is great.

The even better news is that, at least for me, my S510M works with this software so the many of you who have been using or trying workarounds for your older scanners may want to give this a try.

I followed their installation instructions up to the point of installing IX1500 firmware. My first few scans have worked just fine and so far appear to beat least the same quality as with the 32-bit version.


Welcome @Sporg

It’s an interesting development. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

This is good. I’m delighted to get ScanSnap Manager back instead of ScanSnap Home. One question: in creating a profile for scanning directly to DT3, how do I edit the settings so the file is stored in the DT3 Global Inbox?

You should not set the save location as the Global Inbox.

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So if I’m scanning things that I want to end up in DT3, do I scan them to my desktop and then drag them in? I thought there was a more direct way.

Clarification: I know I can start a scan from within DT3 (File/Import/Scan from ScanSnap), but I’m trying to figure out if I can initiate a scan from ScanSnap and have the profile send that scan automatically into DT3.

It’s no different than it used to be. Set the Save location to ScanSnap’s default and the Send to to DEVONthink.

That worked. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

This is great news!
I can confirm it works with my ScanSnap S1500!


I can confirm that it works with my ScanSnap S500M, too.
And strangely enough, I reported that discovery on this forum over the weekend, and at least one person responded to my post, but now I can’t find that message thread.
Why would it have disappeared?

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Thanks for this info.

Works fine with my ScanSnap IX500 and Catalina. Much quicker than the Scan Home before.

Thanks for the news.
I removed ScanSnap Home and installed ScanSnap Manager again.
It works without problems as before!

I never thought I’d see that again. I would also like to use ScanSnap Manager again for my iX100. I am looking forward to seeing if that works. Thanks for the news. :blush:

The iX100 is listed as supported…here is the download link for all compatible scanners.

That is great news! Thank you for sharing @Sporg, I hadn’t noticed yet. Now I can finally upgrade to Catalina as I wasn’t willing to send my S1500M to retirement yet - a great device which deserves to be supported.

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This is awesome. I also have a S510 and was this close to buying ExactScan or VueScan (albeit begrudgingly because my S510 still works perfectly fine). Thanks.

Works fine with the S510M for me :slight_smile: but I’m not so sure that I can migrate to Cataluna since the driver may not be 64 bits. Would be interested to know if any of you actually manage to operate the 510M on Cataluna with this configuration !

Best news of the day! I have held off on upgrading to Catalina, in part because I would have had to buy a new scanner or used 3rd party scanner software, all of which has been less than impressive when I have tried it. Now, my trusty old S1300 should work just fine! :grinning:

Uh-oh…this is embarrassing. I realized that the reason my previous post didn’t appear here is that I posted it on a different forum.

My apologies! I plead old age :man_white_haired:

But I have some useful (I hope) news: I installed Big Sur onto my MacBook Pro, which has the ScanSnap 7 software, and was able to scan a document straight into DEVONthink 3, just as with Catalina and Mojave.