Full screen view


Is it possible to get a text window open to full screen on another desktop that the main application? So that you could switch to the left for viewing the main DTPO window and to the right to continue editing full screen?



There are probably a number of ways to do this but I use BetterTouchTool. In BTT its possible to assign a gesture or a keystroke to the “Maximise to next monitor” predefined action.

You could of course write a short applescript to open a document and then execute the keystroke assigned to to “Maximise to next monitor”. In practice I don’t bother with this as I prefer to assign it to a gesture which is just as quick ie Double click to open & Cmd slide three finger right to maximise to next monitor.


Thanks Frederiko for this answer. I tried with Better Touch Tool but the window would just maximize (not go into full scfeen mode) and it wouldn’t go to the next screen…

So I’m still hoping for a solution…

So I just noted a strange behavior of DTPO windows:

With one (or two or more) document open in extra windows, when you push the main window to full screen it will go to a extra monitor. When you go back to the open document you can push it to full screen as well. But as soon as you love this monitor, e. g. to per to consult the main window, it will go back to its original size AND eben hide behind the full-screen main window.

This has to be a bug… Where can I report this - or is someone reading this?

It’s not automatically, but Moom’s a really good tool for getting a window to full size: manytricks.com/moom/.

Support Ticket.

Unfortunately it does not really give me a full screen view, and does not full-screenify the text window on a new screen.

I’d like something like a Byword window… Also, the nicely formatted full screen mode (larger fonts, 60% screen width) does only work well with text files, but not with rich text files.

That is sad.