Fullscreen (no UI elements) while viewing PDFs.


Can the top UI bar be made to toggle on and off by tapping the middle of the PDF, similar to the bottom thumbnail scrubber? This may seem like a small thing but it’s the reason I open in another app if I’m sitting down for a long read. And percent screen real estate-wise this is a bigger deal on the iPhone of course…


It is something we have considered but nothing we’ve decided to implement as of yet. Thanks!


If you are wanting to read only (no annotations, etc.) then the Quick Look function works fairly well. To get there, use the share extension, Open In…, then select Quick Look from the lower row of options.


I would like to second that request!
The pdf reading screen of DTTG is excellent, as are its annotation features. If I could switch off the top bare and go fullscreen, I would switch to DTTG as my pdf reading app - which would be great given its new capability to act as document storage.
So please consider implementing this.


It’s already on our feature requests list.


Does that mean that it’s on the roadmap or just that you are aware that users want it?
I really really want this…


Also add my vote. :smiley:


Add my vote, too.


Both, but there’s also prioritization at work here 8)


Just to add to this:

Yes, if reading PDFs in DTTG would be more comfortable (fullscreen landscape and portrait more, landscape optionally also over full page-width and not just a small, tall page) would reduce my need to open PDFs in other Apps.


Thank you very much


this feature is necessary


Would love this in DTTG as well, I use my iPhone to do most of my PDF reading so every little screen space helps! Thanks.