Get Ready for DEVONthink Mail Plug-in Reportedly Incompatible with macOS 13.3.1

Just a heads up … Apple yet again changed Apple Mail somehow or another with the most recent update to 13.3.1 making the the two Mail Plug-ins I use, one of which is for DEVONthink, “incompatible” with Apple Mail.

For DEVONthink, easily fixed by Menu: DEVONthink → Install Add-ins → and click “on” to install the Apple Mail Plug-in Version 4.0.9).

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Thanks for the hint! Don’t forget to enable the plug-in afterwards in Mail > Settings > General > Manage Plug-ins (not in Mail > Settings > Extensions)

Ah, yea! Done it so many times now, muscle memory. :wink:


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