Getting iCloud back in Sync

So my 2 macs are in sync, my iPad and iPhone both have incorrect sync for the inbox.

Should have 15 documents, iPad has 16 and iPhone has 18.

How can you get the iOS devices to sync correctly ?

Is there a warning triangle on the sync icon in the bottom toolbar of DEVONthink To Go ?


I have the same issue and couldn’t figure a way out how to fix this. I resorted to having my Mac as my main database and use the iOS versions just for viewing.

Reinstalling DTTG is having the database in sync for some time but it just falls back out of sync after a while. From what I gathered, this has something to do with iCloud stalling. DT is putting the files into iCloud but whether they are being uploaded or not is up to the device and iCloud.
DEVONthink is using a lot of files for it’s sync (looking in the Packet Sync folder) so I guess it just happens that some of them aren’t synced correctly.

(It’s still a bit odd that this doesn’t work correctly with a $200 app but I’m sure they’re aware of it)

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Have you tried, maybe, to verify the integrity of the sync store from both iOS’ and macOS’ side?

Hmm, interesting thanks. On Mac verify said fine. Then ‘Verify Quickly’ said it was corrupt.

Clean database on the Mac and now the iOS devices are in sync.

Wonder if it’s actually the Mac that is the issue. Had a few issues with 1Password and they said Little Snitch didn’t help things. Wonder if it is causing issues here as well.

et al:
Don’t forget to refer to DEVONthink’s built-in Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Sync Issues (also in the manual).

Do you use iOS 13 or macOS Catalina beta, by any chance. iCloud is not always as unproblematic as Apple likes it to be believed. See also our blog.

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For a while things seemed to work fine when using the mac version as the main thing that manages files but now my stores are back out of sync even with things like “Verify Uploaded Files” checked. For example, I tried renaming a few files in my inbox on my iPad but the changes of some files just don’t propagate to the Mac or to my iPhone. Then when I open it on my mac, the iPad renames it back to what it was before after a while.

After that I went ahead and renamed the same file on my phone. The change synced back to my iPad and renamed the file. Same thing happens the other way around as well sometime with some file changes just not propagating to the other devices, this is especially frustrating after I carefully renamed a dozen files just for the updates to get reverted.

I verified the integrity and completely cleaned the database but the iCloud issues keep coming back after a while.

Is there anything else I can try?

It’s gone wrong again.

This morning put in a file to the inbox on iOS and synced fine.

Did a second file and I cannot get it to sync. Tried cleaning the Mac database with no luck.

Is there a way for iOS - I assume the file is stuck there.

I wish this sync was reliable.

Ok, just worked after about 10 minutes.

On the iPhone the cloud icon would just get a little blue mark then stop.

All of a sudden it showed progress across the cloud icon as in a proper sync and then the file appeared on the Mac.

Any idea what is going on ?


Appears dead again.

iPhone app blue bar for the cloud sync starts and stops.

My 2 Macs are in sync.

Deleted the iOS app. Mac has one file in the global inbox.

Installed the iOS app and synced. All good.

Moved the file on the mac to a different database and folder.

The iOS app shows the pdf in the correct folder in the other database.
The global inbox on iOS still show the file as well sadly ?!?!

It just seems that iCloud synchronization of files is not overly reliable on iOS. At least not with the latest iOS releases.

Sadly DT is the only app i have issues with apps like Ulysses, Bear etc are all just seamless.

These are not comparable as they are not doing the same thing technologically speaking.

Again, from our blog…

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Not really for the consumer to be honest. Bear you edit, create new entries, delete items.

Just a different payload.

It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. The technical differences matter, so you can’t merely dismiss it as if they don’t.

Yes I know and apple’s API are badly documented at the best of times, but I used Keep for a bit ( but prefer DT UI ) and that managed sync fine. Doing exactly what I expect of DT.