Group that self-opens

Why is it I seem to have one group that tends to reopen itself from time to time?

Well, additional information would be useful. E.g. when (e.g. after an action?) and where (list view, sidebar etc.) exactly is a group opened?

I’m no longer concerned about this but if I could ask about a larger issue (for me)
: When I’m attempting to transfer in from a different app what opens is DT2 which I’ve deleted.

How can an app that’s no longer installed open? How do you know that it’s DT2 opening?

It has the DT2 icon. So far DT3 has always opened with the newer icon.

I’ve looked around for any residual items from DT2 but not found a culprit yet.

Command-click on the Dock icon of DEVONthink to open a Finder window showing the installed app.

All that appears is version three— the version I’m currently using.

Now I see what you mean. It was indeed in the Apps folder. But listed simply as DEVONthink not as DT2. Just deleted it. Now to check if that did the trick.

That fixed the issue. One final question–the file I transferred was placed in the Archive group- a group I normally don’t use. Is this the expected behavior?
Thank you.

  • Where did you drag and drop the file?
  • Do you have any smart rules running that move items to this Archive folder?

No, no smart rules.
I used Craft which has a direct transfer feature so no dialog appeared allowing me to choose destination within DEVONthink.

What is DEVONthink’s Preferences > Files > Import > Destination set to?

Global inbox

It did go to Global inbox but within it to Archive>2022>08

It did go to Global inbox but within it to Archive>2022>08

And is the 2022>08 group one you created?

Not that I recall.

Can you post a screen capture of this group in the Inbox?

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 12.09.46 PM

That looks like the default location of a File action in a smart rule.
What smart rules do you have?