Has anybody read Kourosh Dini's book on DEVONthink

I’ve not seen any reviews on this book, other than what was posted by MacSparky.
Has anybody read it or can recommend it?

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Yes - I saw a preview and bought the final copy. Very detailed discussion of his method of notetaking, along with Keyboard Maestro macro and Script files.

Whether or not you adopt his particular notetaking system, this is one of the most detailed examples of Devonthink in actual practice I have seen anywhere - certainly much more practical and detail oriented than even the “Take Control of” Book. I think this sort of use case example of DT3 is extremely helpful to get the wheels rolling in your brain and think through what-if possibilities how the software can be used.

Thus I would highly recommend it.


I saw a preview

Where did you see a preview?

He posted on the Forum before publication asking if anyone wanted to look at it and give suggestions.

In all candor, Covid stuff hit and life got busy and I did not give him my specific thoughts then, though I did look at it. Then bought the final version when recently published.

That said, I would love to see as many real-life use cases like this as possible. Absolutely the best way I have seen to show what the software can actually do.

That said, I would love to see as many real-life use cases like this as possible.

I guess more people should write books then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely the best way I have seen to show what the software can actually do.

The best way in my mind is to just use it. That’s what I advocate for everyone.


+1 on the recommendation. Dini is also well-informed on Zettelkasten, citing from Ahrens’s How to Take Smart Notes. Valuable work.


I have owned a license of DT for years and but it never really clicked for me, I am ashamed to admit, but I’m currently reading the book: my mind is blown by all these examples of what DT can do. I will be switching everything to it and never looking back. So happy I’m finally « getting it »!


Hey @rkaplan @mcmorgan and @KillerWhale

I’m super happy to find that you’re liking the book! I’m really indebted to the community to here. There’s so much mutual support and many neat ideas.

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Another +1 on getting this book. He’s SO knowledgeable :+1:

At front I thought the price might be too steep; however, based in reviews of Kourosh’s other books (and given that there’s a policy of return if one is unsatisfied), I decided to buy it.

After 350 pages I’m enjoying the read of Kourosh’s process and his writing. I have also learned some great tips. But what I’m really liking is the Keyboard Maestro integration. I very easily adapted/customised the macros he attached to the book to my own needs and workflow, and reorganised them with the ones I already used (see below).

@Kourosh I’m not sure if you are planning future updates of the book (or of the KM macros and scripts). But I’d be happy if you did. :slight_smile:

KM palette of macros for DT3:

KM palette of macros for Markdown:

This works particularly well with BetterTouchTool (by placing a trigger for each palette in my DT3 touch bar; those are the M and ⌘ ones in the pic):

As I got binned from my job on an offshore drilling rig I now have the time to devote some serious study to DEVONthink. I’ve owned the software over 12 years but only ever really scratched the surface of what it can do.

Thanks for the reply’s :slight_smile:

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Another +1 for the book. Like his other books it is incredibly thorough but at the same time clear. I’ve used DEVONthink for a very long time but this has really extended my understanding of what it is capable of.

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Hi @valente!

looks very useful! Would you be open to sharing your keyboard maestro macros?



I have no problem sharing mine — namely the Markdown ones, that are all mine or adaptations from macros open shared on the KM forum. (Send me a private message for these.)

However, many of the specific DT3 KM actions are based on or literally from @Kourosh’s book… I’m not sure it would be ethical to share those without his permission.

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Many of the things you can see in the palette are actually available here in the forum. Just look around a bit.

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@valente. Totally understandable, wasn’t aware it wasn’t yours



Hey @valente,

These look great! I love the labeling and color scheme :smiley:

I’d probably update the book with a new version of the software or if I find some significant shift of workflow. I hope to add a minor addendum in the coming weeks.

@zeltak - @Bernardo_V is right - there is a lot that has been gathered here in the forums. In fact, @Bernardo_V himself was an author of some of them.

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How did you generate these palettes? I have KM and have never seen that.

Under the folder of your Devonthink KM scripts in KM

you can click various options incl. “the corresponding macro palette is clicked”
Then you get something like that

I make it available only in Devon (click available in these applications > Devon).

Then you can click on KM icon and launch your palette (or launch it via shortcut or other tools)

IMHO: Devonthink w/o KM would be really hard to navigate :slight_smile: This is a marriage in heaven.

P.S. KM forum is amazing source of this information. Not necessarily for Devon stuff, but you can easily adopt a lot of generic scripts from other apps.


Excellent. Thanks so much.

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