Have Fastmail? It has WebDAV already and it has been working great for DT syncing for me and my wife

For my personal/private databases I use CloudKit but I have a couple that I’d like to have my wife and I working on it. So for a few days I’ve been searching for hosted WebDAV servers, even considering setting one up myself on Linode or something. I was almost giving up because I did not like any of the ones I’ve found—they all seem to be ashamed of supporting WebDAV, like a 5th class citizen.

Until one day on a hail mary attempt I searched “fastmail webdav”, lo and behold it exists and I can shared folders with other people on my account.

If you want to use it for sharing with other people you’ll have to use the webdav.fastmail.com domain (otherwise it is easier to go with myfiles.fastmail.com), I had a bit of trouble finding the correct path to use I found it:

If your email is john@appleseed.com the URL to the root level of your Files in Fastmail is this:


Hope this helps someone else :relaxed:.


Thanks for sharing the info and your experience.
I’m sure this will come in handy for some people on the lookout for other WebDAV options.