Help! Stop the auto tagging madness

DT3 is auto tagging every document that gets imported. (Actually indexed from an external HDD.) It’s driving me to distraction. I just added/indexed about 300 documents and DT3 created 2035 new tags! It even created a tag of my name about 50 times but NONE of those 50 newly created tags (showing up in the sidebar) is assigned to any documents at all. Then twice more, one assigned to 32 documents and the other assigned to 18 documents.

I archived about 13,000 emails earlier today, and in that instance it created about 7,000 new tags. I wound up deleting both the archive and every one of the tags. I thought it might have been an anomoly from email archiving which is why I tried it with a non email file folder on the HDD.

What on earth is it doing and how in the name of all that is holy and righteous do I stop this madness? It is polluting my database.

Hi @dcwinton, I too experienced this same situation. Please see this thread for the solution:

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Bless you!