Highlighting problem with certain PDFs

Hi everyone, here’s Federico from Italy. It’s nice to use DTTG, it’s really fast and convenient to store hundreds of files between multiple devices. A very good feature is the ability to edit PDF documents.

Although, there are some of those in which highlighting has a strange behaviour: I can’t highlight the words I need and it goes randomly through the document. Since with other apps, like Documents, this doesn’t happen, I reported this sort of bug to Devon support, waiting for a solution.

Do you noticed this behaviour too?


P.s. this happens particularly in PDFs with an high amount of formulas and graphics.

I don’t know whether that will ultimately help you, but do you mind sharing one or two of these PDFs?

Attached a file with heavy highlighting problems.

Unfortunately there was no attachment to your post :confused:

Sorry, no attachment :slight_smile:

dropbox.com/s/vwtdb7xf422vb … 9.pdf?dl=0

Hope now you can see the attachment. I noticed that via iOS it’s impossible to attach a file, isn’t it?

On the first page, I can highlight all the copy in Preview. Every glyph is selectable.

Using DTTG, just some glyphs are selectable: Only the first two characters from the lines on the left. The copy in the diagram is not selectable at all. I can change the color for a highlight created in Preview, though.

In PDF Expert on iOS, all the copy is selectable.

Exactly, so there’s a weak behaviour of DTTG in highlighting documents, although in every other decent applications, like PDF Expert on iPad, there are no problem at all.

@ironfex, could you maybe share such a document with me by email so that we can test with our PDF viewer here?

It says I’m not allowed to send email to you. I’ve pressed the email icon here in the forum.

Just to clarify, the problem is still there.

Please send it to eboehnisch(at)devontechnologies.com. Thanks.

I’m glad to say that Devon support has solved this problem. In the actual Beta the problem is vanished and now I’m free to annotate PDFs inside the app and have to leave it no more for annotations.

Great work!