How can I "forget" a Dropbox account

I have been using Devonthink to synchronize via Dropbox.

I need to switch from one Dropbox account to another one (different user ID, etc.). When I “add Dropbox account” I do not get the option to “forget” the old Dropbox account.

Is there a way to reset Devon to a state where it will ask me for my Dropbox login?

Thanks – Randy

You will need to open the Dropbox client on your Mac, unlink the Dropbox in the account settings, and link to the one you want to use for sync. DEVONthink access the account that your machine is linked to. If you change this setting (i.e., flip back to the old account in Dropbox’ settings) after you set up the sync store, then the sync will fail.

Thank you!


I too have had this problem. Yet the suggested fix does not work. I once used another dropbox account on my computer. I now have a different one. I have unlinked the old one in the dropbox client preferences and linked up the new one. DTPO still attempts to create a dropbox sync store using the old (non-existent) account. This occurs even after trying typical troubleshooting techniques, such as a system restart.

Perhaps there is an internal cache that needs to be cleared. Any ideas?

Go online into the Dropbox account’s Settings > Security > Apps linked and remove the DEVONthink Sync . You should be asked to authenticate again and you can log into the apporpriate account at that time.

Thanks. Things now work as expected.

No problem. :smiley: