How can I normalize a rich text record through applescript?


I would like to normalize the text in my rich text document. Could you help me understand how to modify the formatting of a rich text record through applescript?

I can get the text of the document by

set foo to rich text of convertedRecord 

but when I log it out, I only see the plain text. I’m unsure of how to proceed.

I see I can set the content of the document by

set rich text of convertedRecord to "foo"

but this obviously replaces the entire rtf, which in my case loses an image.

Could you provide guidance on how to change text only elements so I can normalize them with the same font, size, and color?

Again, the AppleScript Dictionary is your guide. Look at the Text Suite for a starting point.

Only visible rich text of tabs/windows is currently scriptable but a future release will support scripting rich text directly. This means that you have to open the record in a tab/window. A simple example can be found here Convert from html to rtf with bigger font size

Thanks for that information. I was able to change the text size to my desired size using the sample code from that link.