How does the "Bookmarked" thing work in the PDF page view on iOS?

On iOS, when viewing a PDF file, if I switch to the page thumbnail view, at the very top there is a 3 item tab switcher with the words “All”, “Annotated”, and “Bookmarked”. The first two are obvious, but how does the 3rd work? Mine is always empty. Can I bookmark PDF pages on iOS after all? I searched the DTTG manual but did not find mention of it.

I’m stumped as to the function of that tab.

As an aside: it is possible to copy a page link from a PDF in DTTG and then create a bookmark using that page link as the URL; in that sense you can bookmark individual pages in both DT and DTTG. That has nothing to do with the tab you mention though.

Bookmarks are part of the (Adobe) PDF specification, like hyperlinks, notes, etc. You would bookmark a page to find it easily later (useful for a PDF book).

On MacOS you add bookmarks with Preview thus:

I haven’t looked to see if this tool is built into DT/DTTG.

Whilst that is correct, I have just loaded a bookmarked PDF into DT/DTTG, and the bookmarks do not appear in the tab mentioned by the OP. They are represented in the Outline instead.

Edit 1: (Hold that thought: the same PDF - which displays Bookmarks in Acrobat - shows a TOC rather than bookmarks in Preview; I’ll experiment a little more).

Edit 2: (So, it appears Acrobat and Preview use the terms Bookmark to mean different things; @Luminary99_0 you are quite right - pages bookmarked in Preview appear in the Bookmarked tab mentioned by @mhucka in the first post.)

@mhucka I’m not aware of any possibility to bookmark pages in this way from within DTTG.

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Also in DT itself bookmarks (applied in Preview or other apps like PDF Expert) appear in the Table of Contents inspector, although there is no visual clue that a page has been bookmarked when viewing the PDF itself (unlike Preview and PDF expert):


[ shows a red bookmark]


[DT3 shows bookmark in TOC but not visually]


[DTTG: @mhucka The Bookmarked tab filters the pages to show only those with bookmarks]

[DTTG: Bookmarks also accessible using the Outline]

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Well all in all that’s about as clear as mud then :see_no_evil: thanks for experimenting :slight_smile: