How to add a separator like dash line when merging markdown notes?

Thanks for reading! I have multiple(around 500) markdown notes clipped into devonthink. Since they are regarding same topics I wish to merging them into a single note. I found that after merging, the new note indeed contains all information the original notes have but without any separator, its just a long long markdown notes.

I wonder during the merging process, is there a way that I could gain some control over the final outcome? Like adding a dash line at the end of each note been merged, or even add time or some style (like ‘text box’ maybe?) into the final note?

Thank you!

Welcome @Arthur

No, there is no way to control the behavior of the merge function.

It would be possible to script a fix but perhaps a separator could be added as a preference when merging text-based file. Development would have to assess this.

PS: I’m curious why you merged all the files at once? It would have been better to test the merge process with a handful of files fiest.

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One partial solution might be to use transclusion plus what I suspect might be a relatively simple script:

The script could:

  • create the intended destination markdown document;
  • obtain the item links of the selected records (i.e., those you wish to merge);
  • in the destination markdown document create a file transclusion link for each record, placing — between each one.

Of course, the disadvantage would be that the original records would have to remain.


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Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I will look into script and see if I could come out with a solution.

Oh I didn’t merged them all at once lol, I tried about 50 of them and notice this problem. Thank you and I will see if I could do something with script.

This may possibly be of some assistance.


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That’s awesome! I will check it out now.