How to Capture Apple News Page

I subscribe to Apple News and would like to PDF an article for use as a research document in Devonthink.

Has anyone figured out a way to capture the article and the reference attributes?

Did you try print the article as a PDF to DEVONthink?

There is no print service in the Apple News application. You can Manually copy portions of the article but that’s all I’ve discovered.


Presumably you also can’t usefully share the article (a quick browse around suggests not)? I did find this thread on the EN forum; it suggests that it is possible to get the URL of an Apple News story. Whether that URL is of any use (i.e. might allow you to access the article from outside the app) I don’t know, and can’t test.

Apple News doesn’t support AppleScript nor does it play nicely with other applications. (Thanks, Apple.)

  1. Save a story.
  2. Go into Saved Stories.
  3. Drag and drop a saved story to DEVONthink. Don’t load it. Just click and drag the entry. This will yield a bookmark that loads the page.
  4. Select Tools > Capture and the desired format.

@cgrunenberg : The Convert or Convert & Continue actions behave differently than Tools > Capture so a smart rule with a simple action chain like this can’t be used…


The link from Apple News appears in DEVONthink as a page which re-directs you to the Apple News application. Converting the weblink simply reproduces the redirect page . Hence, you can’t get Devonthink to Convert the page to any format using this method.

It may be the case that Apple News and Apple News+ act differently with that regard. The behaviour you describe is obviously intentional; I’d guess it was one of the factors Apple offered the publishers to win them over.

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Correct. That’s just what I said above regarding the smart rule.

However, the method I proposed via the Tools > Capture command does work.

The capture tools use the currently rendered web page, converting doesn’t have a rendered input.

Jim, I can’t test this, so just asking: are you capturing Apple News, or Apple News+ content? My research into the question posed by the OP suggest there is a difference in the behaviour, although anything I found on the topic was at least a year old.

Apple News. You think I’d pay to feel depressed?!? Hahaha


:see_no_evil: that may explain the intensity of my depression

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Yes it does work but alas, it creates an exact copy of the redirect notice. Also, openeing the link in Safari only works in iOS, and it opens the webpage, but rquires you to sign in with an account. Thus so far I have found no way around the limitations.

Are you using News+ ?
It looks like things are hamstrung or broken in News in Monterey.

Yea, I’m using News+ and I’m on Monteray 12.2.1

Note: The current version of Monterey is 12.3.1. We suggest you stay current with the operating system and our point releases.

When you’re reading the story, choose File > Open in Safari. Then you can send it to PDF, DT, or etc.

Have you actually done that (and especially with News+)? Whilst that was an option in 2019, I cannot find any newer articles claiming that that works, and a small number of comments pointing out that it no longer does.

This article on macrumors would also seem to suggest that printing is not directly available and the route via Safari (via copying the link, however, und not using the method you describe) doesn’t universally work.

My method works but only on Catalina AFAICT. (I need to do another Big Sur install.)

Yea that trick no longers works on Macos. Even if it does open in iOS, you still need to login through the paywall to view the article.