How to change default Annotation Font Size in Devonthink 3

I use the Annotation field a lot when reading PDF’s. The default font for my aging eyes is a bit too small and I would like to make it bigger. How do I do that. I can do it within the Application window, but don’t know how to set it as a default.
I looked at an earlier answer that said I should go to Application Support … and look for _Annotation , but such a file does not exist. (and that was for Devonthink Pro 2). I am sure this must be an easy fix, but not for me.

Many thanks.

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Are you referring to using an Annotation file?

Thanks for responding
Yes. The file on the right side of the screen. Reminders/Finder Comments/Annotations*
It is the Annotations part I want to change.


The only possibility is to create your own template. You can access the templates folder via the Annotations pop-up menu in this inspector.

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Thanks for your reply. But where is the Annotations pop-up menu? and I can not see any “templates folder” anywhere. Do you mean “Styles” under “Font” when I right click the Annotations box and get a menu. That lets me set Font, font size, and type (Bold, etc), and I can even save it. It seems to work for the pdf I am immediately working on, but does not carry over to other pdfs. Even when I name a style as ‘Default’ it does not carry over to other pdfs.
Maybe I can’t do what I am want, although it is not obvious why not.

Inside the inspector as mentioned:

Ah, yes. You live and learn. That will do the trick. Many thanks.

I don’t see that Annotations pop-up menu in the Inspector. Is it because I have the standard edition? The pop-up options I see are just for doing things with the text in the Annotations:

Click on the down arrow of Annotations.

Thank you! I was clicking inside the Annotations box. My aging eyes didn’t even see the arrow. Will pay closer attention to instruction next time!

I experience the same problem as @dspady - font of annotations gets too small for my aging eyes - and stumbled upon this conversation.
I knew I could make the font of each individual annotation bigger with command - shift - +
But of course it would be great to have a template for this. I do find the pop-up menu and know how to access the templates folder, but I don’t know how to create a template that allows Annotations to have a bigger font size.
Could you please explain how it’s possible to create such a template, that I could later on access from the annotations menu?
Thank you very much!

As far as I know, all you have to do is have an RTF document formatted the way you want it inside the Annotations folder, making sure you use the correct placeholders. However, the document has to have exported to this location as a template from within DT3 to use the new format – just creating a document there won’t be enough.

Say you’re happy with the current annotation, but you’d like the font increased to 18pts. I’d approach it this way (all commands are using the dropdown Annotations menu in the Reminders and Annotations panel):

  1. Use the existing Annotation feature to create a new annotation on a document (doesn’t matter which one) - Annotations > New from template > Default Annotation - Text

  2. Once the annotation is in the panel, open it in a new window (Annotations > Open)

  3. In the newly opened annotation window, make the changes to the text format you want. (e…g change the text sizes etc). I’ve changed the font to make the changes more apparent in the example screenbshots.

  4. Replace the ‘programmable’ text with their placeholders. The easiest away to do this is to right click and choose Insert Placeholders. To reproduce the default annotation, the placeholders you need are the menu items:

    • documentName (produces %documentName%)
    • Creation date > [today's date in long format] (produces %recordCreationLongDate%)
    • User and Computer > Full User Name (produces %fullUsername%).
  5. Export the document as a template to the Annotations folder (which is in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Annotations.noindex). You must use File > Export as Template – a simple File > Export won’t work.

That should be all you have to do, I think. The screenshot shows my amended template and the annotation produced from it with Annotations > New from template > Annotations test.



thank you so much, @brookter!
Followed it step by step and it worked perfectly.
So great, thanks.

That’s good to hear!

@brookter Thank you! You have helped me immensely!

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