How to change default Annotation Font Size in Devonthink 3

I use the Annotation field a lot when reading PDF’s. The default font for my aging eyes is a bit too small and I would like to make it bigger. How do I do that. I can do it within the Application window, but don’t know how to set it as a default.
I looked at an earlier answer that said I should go to Application Support … and look for _Annotation , but such a file does not exist. (and that was for Devonthink Pro 2). I am sure this must be an easy fix, but not for me.

Many thanks.

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Are you referring to using an Annotation file?

Thanks for responding
Yes. The file on the right side of the screen. Reminders/Finder Comments/Annotations*
It is the Annotations part I want to change.


The only possibility is to create your own template. You can access the templates folder via the Annotations pop-up menu in this inspector.

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Thanks for your reply. But where is the Annotations pop-up menu? and I can not see any “templates folder” anywhere. Do you mean “Styles” under “Font” when I right click the Annotations box and get a menu. That lets me set Font, font size, and type (Bold, etc), and I can even save it. It seems to work for the pdf I am immediately working on, but does not carry over to other pdfs. Even when I name a style as ‘Default’ it does not carry over to other pdfs.
Maybe I can’t do what I am want, although it is not obvious why not.

Inside the inspector as mentioned:

Ah, yes. You live and learn. That will do the trick. Many thanks.

I don’t see that Annotations pop-up menu in the Inspector. Is it because I have the standard edition? The pop-up options I see are just for doing things with the text in the Annotations:

Click on the down arrow of Annotations.

Thank you! I was clicking inside the Annotations box. My aging eyes didn’t even see the arrow. Will pay closer attention to instruction next time!