How to Change the Default for Opening a Certain Kind of Document

Hi - I am new Devonthink. I recently changed my settings so that all files open with their default app (i.e. PDFs in Adobe, word in word). Is there a way to specify these defaults? Specifically, I would like Devonthink Notes - like Formatted Notes and Rich Text notes- to still open with Devonthink as the default while PDFs, word docs, etc still open in external apps. Ideally, I’d like to be able to have the Formatted note pop out (but opened within Devonthink) next to the “popped out” version of a PDF open thru Devonthink externally with Adobe Reader. (So, another embedded question that I have is whether I can view two tabs open side by side in Devonthink rather than tabbing back and forth between them.) Is something like this possible? Thanks!

Yes. In Finder go to the file, open its information and change the default app.

That’s not possible.

BTW all of this can be found on the forums. Please do a search before you create a new thread.

Thank you. I am new to using devonthink and have had trouble using the search topics to find answers.

Do you have any links to previous forum discussions about how to open two side by side devonthink windows, and especially whether someone has discussed how to have devonthink open from internal note links into separate windows (rather than two tabs side by side in the same window)? That would be really helpful!


There’s a script by @BLUEFROG that opens the same record side by side in two windows. This could probably be modified to open two different records.

See this post in your other thread.

Why did you start a new thread with the same questions?