How To Make Tabs Pop Out Into Separate Windows?

I have found multiple threads on how to open items as tabs in Devonthink, but I would like to be able to “pop out” existing open tabs. Is there a way to undock them? Even better, is there a way to get an embedded link to a pdf in a .rtf note to open in a new pop out window instead of a new tab (causing me to still have to page back in forth between the documents instead of examining them simultaneously)? I have looked for threads on the subject but have only found questions about embedded tabs. Thanks!

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Download @Bernardo_V’s “Detach Tab” script via script menu Additional Scripts.
Afterwards you’ll find it in script menu Tabs > Detach Tab.

Yes, via the contextual menu

Thank you!

Or just hit ⌘O (command + letter o) :wink:

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