How to delete Global InBox item on iPad?

How to delete on iPad?

There doesn’t seem to be any way to delete an item on the iPad.

I love going through my Global Inbox on my iPad, but when I see things I want to delete, I can’t.

I want to be able to delete from the iPad, resync, and have the item disappear from my Global Inbox on my Mac.

Am I missing something here?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

You can only delete items in DEVONthink To Go that were created in DEVONthink To Go and have not yet been synced to the Mac. Once documents have been synced, they can only be deleted on the Mac side.

I had the exact same question… Any chance there are plans to fix this in the future? I commonly add content to my global inbox on the Mac with the intention of consuming it on my iPad. Some of that data gets sorted and saved, but some I delete. Without this feature, DTTG is not able to be my iPad content consumption tool.


  • Jesse

Thanks, Jessee. This is a MUST HAVE feature. ALL the other big syncing products—Things, OmniFocus, MacJournal, iBank, Daylite—have this.

Team DEVON, this is something you really should be implementing as fast as possible.

But in any case, thanks for finally getting the app online!

Hey, Jesse, maybe we can “flag” the item on our iPads, then sync, and then filter for flag status on our Macs, and then bulk delete. If that doesn’t work, let’s figure out another workaround until Team DEVON gets with the program.


It should be easy to adapt a workflow that accomplishes your objective, without needing to change the current behavior of DT To Go.

OK, this I don’t believe: the company is putting the burden of a missing feature on the user to create a hack to deal with?


Swipe to delete is an unbelievably simple feature to implement in the SDK when building iPhone and iPad apps.

Have to agree with Sandy. I have nightmares about hearing the word “kludge” once again. Until version 2 came around, DevonThink and kludge were synonymous. Please, oh, please let’s return to simple user-friendly options.


I am open to suggestions on workflow changes. My current workflow is consistent in both DTP and Things. Content goes into DTP and todo items go into Things. Both sync to the iPad. In Things, I am able to sort, complete, etc. and the changes sync back to my desktop. My hope is to use DTTG the same way.

I assume from your suggestion to change my workflow, that you are not planning to add this feature in the future?

I am only able to find my global inbox on the iPad. Are my database specific inboxes also available to enable my to sort content? Also, is there any way to create items somewhere besides in the global inbox?


  • Jesse

Is it possible to have a trash can in dttg?

For now, a label designated as read or to delete could work but I’d much prefer being able to delete and move items. Labeling even is a bit difficult to use in dttg since you don’t really see the applied label except on the place where you set it. Having the icon or text colored as well as the label button in the iPad colored would help a lot. :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry about all the complains all of us are making :slight_smile:. I’m happy that 1.0 is here; I’m sure it took a lot of work to get here. We’re just hoping to get more of desktop dt. :slight_smile:


You’ll need to add the contents of the database inboxes to the Sync group to get them in DEVONthink To Go.

Yes, from within the database that you want to add content to, click on the ‘+’ icon in the toolbar. The ‘+’ sign inside the inbox icon will also add a new document to the Global Inbox while you are browsing a database.

The lack of ability to delete on the iDevice is, erm, pretty lame imo … “adapt a workflow” = kludge workaround for missing feature. I guess it’s early days, but I thought this thing had been in beta for ages? :frowning:


I am able to move the items from my DB inbox into the sync folder, but what I want to do is have the entire inbox always sync. Moving the items individually is is just not a logical workflow for me.

I guess I should have been more clear on the creating items question. I am able to trigger the creation from anywhere, but I would like the newly created item
to be placed in a specific folder that I am syncing. Otherwise, I need to sort every item I create on the iPad after the fact on my Mac.

  • Jesse

If you are in the specific group where you want the document to be created, then clicking on the ‘+’ icon in the toolbar will create the document in that group. As example, if on the Mac you have set up:


Document Group A

Some documentsA
Document Group B
Some documentsB

If you are viewing the Document Group A in DEVONthink To Go and click on ‘+’, the new document will be created in that group. What is not possible is to be viewing the Document Group A, create a new document, and have it saved to Document Group B. Does this help, or am I not understanding what you want to do?

I forgot to respond to this-I would expect that this could be scriptable, where adding documents to the inbox would also replicate them to the sync groups. But then, I’m far from a scripting expert so I could be mistaken.

I had no luck with using Flagging on DTTG because I can’t find a way to set up a smart folder in DT on my Mac that will query the Global Inbox. It will only query the Database.

How do I set up smart folders (with filters) for the global inbox?

Having been properly spanked for my initial suggestion of a kludge to the request for the ability to delete items synced from a Mac database to a DT To Go database on a mobile device, let me make some comments. :slight_smile:

Especially in the initial release of DT To Go, I think the prudent approach is to “do no harm” to the contents of the Mac database. Whether as the result of a user mistake, a bug or whatever, DT To Go shouldn’t threaten the contents of the Mac database.

Almost everything I place into one of my own databases is important to me. A DEVONthink database on the Mac provides a safety net against inadvertent deletion of a document or group, at the first level by an Undo command, and later by the ability to move an item back from the database Trash before it is flushed to the System Trash.

The initial release of DT To Go doesn’t have those full safety net protections. Perhaps a Trash command or similar approach will be provided in the future, that will allow reversion of an accident or a bad decision – and so a safety net – when the mobile database is synced back to the Mac. In the meantime, I really don’t want to have sync remove potentially very valuable content from my Mac databases.

Most of the time, I find that the documents I’ve synced to my iPad are interesting ones that I don’t want to risk losing.

A kludge that might serve for a “do no harm” approach would be to label items synced from the Mac using the “Unimportant” label, or a custom label designated as “Trash”. That would allow easy deletion of those items after sync back to the Mac.

Remember that by combining the Flag and Label colors, you can logically add to the number of markers by means of which you can search for a specific characteristic. So, for example, if you wish to retain the “Unimportant” label color for another use, you can both Flag and label as Unimportant items to be trashed after synch. After synch, search for items that are both flagged and labeled yellow.

The initial release of DTTG has implemented a subset of functionality available on the desktop version. As Bill noted, the ability to ‘undo’ is not yet implemented, nor are other features which would make the two products identical. We understand that until we iron out certain syncing issues and provide a full set of features, DTTG will not provide all the features you find in the desktop product. Please bear with us, we are working as quickly as possible to get these features implemented and deliver as much of the desktop functionality as possible on the mobile application. And please keep posting comments - this is vital to our understanding of how our customers plan to use DTTG!

Makes sense. I can check that one off the list. I think I must have been using the “create in inbox” button instead of the + button.


  • Jesse

Yeah, this one is still a challenge for me. If I can not sort and delete the items in the Inbox, then I am left to somehow label them and re-sort later. From an efficiency perspective, I really try to touch items only once.

  • Jesse

When I delete them on the Mac side, they still remain in DTTG (on an iPhone 4) where I can’t get rid of them. This can’t be right (?), or over time I’d end up with an overflowing Global InBox cluttered with zombie files…!?! :confused: