How to organize database?


I am trying to get organize with devonthink 3. I have the app since a long time, seems very powerful, but that can also be confusing.

Is it best to do everything in one database, or have different database per subject?

I would really like to get advice from experience users! Thanks

You question is, an a major way, the point of this forum. As such, there are dozens of threads on the topic.

“How can I get organized [with DEVONthink]”? leads to the question “what is it you need to organize?”

Any particular sort of document? Email? A work project? Personal projects? The book you are planning to write? The estate you have been recently been appointed the executor of?

And so on. A little context, from you, goes a long way toward getting the help you’re looking for.

Oh … and the search feature here is really good. Look for anything Bill DeVille (of happy memory) wrote in years past.


Thanks. i did read some posts. In the end, I just need to move forward and try it out.

My use of Devonthink is mostly as a wiki, to keep information related to some subject I like organized, like music, health, running, chess. I did buy “take control of Devonthink 3” and started to read it.

Not to spend your money for you … but Kourosh Dini’s recent book might be a good guide for you for “how to keep information related to some subject”. It is well organized and helps both with useful thoughts on note taking and gathering and organizing information with DEVONthink


Ok I will give it a try

Check out the Help > Documentation > Getting Started chapter in our documenation, built-in or download a manual.