How to share devonthink with my partner via cloudkit

Devonthink is great, and I am trying to share with my wife.

I am currently using with icloud(cloudkit). Looks like there is no fold selection when I choose clouldkit, so I am wondering how to share with my wife using clouldkit?

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I don’t know what a “fold selection” is. Sorry.

Apple has their own rules and methods for sharing files. CloudKit is an Apple Service. Never got my head around them. Even if you shared one AppleID with your wife I’m wondering if it will all work. Never tried or wanted to try. Others may comment.

I’m guessing that both your computer(s) and your wife’s computer(s) are on the same local network; therefore, I’d recommend you first setup (in addition to your working CloudKit sync) a Bonjour connection from wife’s computer to yours. Full instructions to do so are in the DEVONthink Handbook. I consider the Bonjour sync method more reliable and faster than anything else.

No “fold selection” but you can select the databases to sync

There was a recent sharing discussion at DTTG - DT Mac Sync with different iCloud users

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Thanks rmschne. Seems cloudkit is not an option.

Bonjour will work, but the only drawback is my computer has to be on when she try to sync.

Thanks @DTLow . Conclude sharing databases via different accounts in cloudkit is not possible.

Seems I have to go for webdav approach.

Maybe if you used the same Dropbox–who have a different security model–account instead of CloudKit? I’ve not tried, but might work. WebDev server also could be made to work, but it would also then be needing access to an always-on service.

Also, keep in mind that unless you are sharing time-critical and frequently-changing documents that are imported to DEVONthink vs. indexed (and shared with another protocol), a Bonjour Sync (or any sync for that matter) will “catch-up”. All depends on your setup.

For me, that would work for sharing docs with my wife–but she wouldn’t touch DEVONthink with a proverbial 10-foot pole but is reluctantly agreeable to using Finder on shared files on our house server.

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