How to show all documents associated with multiple tags in list view

My documents get some tags that are inherited through parent group tags and some that are given directly. I often want to see the complete collection of documents that has a group of multiple tags using the tag selector that shows up in the bottom left corner. However, I find I cannot get a list of the full group of documents, I can only get a list of the documents that have been directly tagged with each of the multiple tags in my filter.

For example, the tag c.MIRRA has been given to several groups with documents and several documents, both of which come up when I select the tag c.MIRRA in the tag view:

However, when I select a second tag, l.travelLetters, which has only been given to documents that have the c.MIRRA tag inherited from their parent group, I get this:

Yes, it is true that if I click through all of the groups shown under the tag c.MIRRA in the left column, the only files I will see in list view will be those that have the tag l.travelLetters. However, this is incredibly cumbersome and not useful to me. What I wanted was a single list of the files in the database with the two tags c.MIRRA and l.travelLetters, not a list of groups that I can click through one by one to search for my files. The subgroups have not even been down-selected to include only subgroups with files that have the tag, so I have to click through every subgroup I have, many of which now show no files under this filter, just to find my files. I am not sure how this is useful. However, perhaps it is in some other case. For my purpose, is there a way to select two tags in the tag view and see ALL of the documents that have those two tags in the list view, regardless of how they acquired the tags?


This script may be able to do some of what you need. Just suggesting a possible work around.

Is the option to Show Only Documents (see View menu) enabled? By default it’s disabled and the upper right pane should show both matching documents and groups containing matching documents. Another possibility is to use Columns view.

I appreciate the suggestions here. However, the script is a bit bulky for what I need. The point is really that I want to use the very nice tag selection box that appears in the bottom left corner, where I can click on the word cloud of tags to build my tag filter. I love this function, but unfortunately, I find it is mostly useless for my purposes, because if I happened to tag something through a group, it doesn’t appear in my list and I miss it.

‘Show only documents’ is enabled. I have tried this with it enabled and disabled, and using column view. Even with column view, I still need to click through every listed group to get a complete list of all of the documents with my selection of tags, and then the documents are not in a single list, they are spread out across the columns. This is not useful either.

I suppose then, this is a feature request. The functionality is all there - it would be wonderful if there was an option in preferences that would allow for the tag cloud in the bottom left corner to return all documents and groups that meet the criteria (i.e., have the selected tags) in one list. This seems like it would be relatively easy to add (though I really have no idea), but I suspect others would appreciate this as well. Consider this my humble request.

In this case, the tagged groups would appear in the list if their tags met the filter criteria, and when selected, all of their contents would be visible (i.e., not just contents that meet the tag criteria). The tag filter would return a list of every item that met the tag criteria, document or group.

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You are very kind. The script is not a bit bulky. It is “very” bulky :grinning: :grinning: Just one of my exercises.

While there may or may not a feature available (there are many DT feature requests). I think quite a few users have suggested building a simple smart group that can show all items in a database. Then u can use the tag cloud to do what u need?

Or this, if all groups and items are wanted

Thanks ngan! The script is very impressive! It is just that I want to use it very frequently, with the ease of selecting multiple tags from the tag cloud. Unfortunately, using the tag cloud on a smart group of all documents will give me the same problem as above. If I select Tag 1 and Tag 2, I will not get a list of all documents and groups that have Tag 1 and Tag 2, I will get a list of documents that I specifically and individually tagged with Tag 1 and Tag 2 along with the groups that have been tagged with Tag 1 which contain documents that also have Tag 2 (for example). To get my full list of documents with Tag 1 and Tag 2, I have to expand all of the groups manually.

I will try to go through my database and replace group tagging with individual item tagging. It will be a major overhaul, but it doesn’t look like there is any other quick way to view all documents with Tag 1 and Tag 2 in a single list unless the items are individually tagged (instead of tagged through a group). Thanks for the suggestions!