How to use Web Clips properly for certain part of the page?

I am currently moving away from Evernote. One of the most useful features was the WebClipper browser extension. It allowed to convert a whole or part of a webpage into a note.

How would I do the same with DT3 / the Firefox browser addin?

Consider this answer (content doesn’t matter) of the popular IT Q&A page Stackoverflow. Maybe this is something I’ve just found using my preferred search engine, and am only interested in this particular answer and the code to copy & paste. The bookmark may be invalid after some time, so I want to keep it alongside the actual formated (syntax-highlighted) content.

I do this quite often and having short code snippets available (even offline) which solve common problems or useful tasks is one of my most important requirements.

How would I capture this particular web page content (inluding both, content and url) in DT3 using Firefox? The DT extension only adds the whole page as content, and the selection is just used as ‘comment’:

But that doesn’t help me much if I am only interested in a small, partiular content of a larger page.

Thanks in advance!

I suggest using SnagIt, which integrates well with Devonthink using the Share feature.

I’m not sure whether Firefox finally supports services but at least in other browsers the Take Plain/Rich Note or Take Formatted Note services are an option (and the URL will be grabbed too).

But this would only produce images and videos, i.e. no copyable text, right? For my Code Snippet library it would be helpful to be able to copy the text, not having to retype possibly large snipets.

Thanks for that hint. Works good with Safari and somewhat okay with Google (there is no menu entry for formatted notes, only plain-text ones in the Services menu of a selection). A shame there’s no such support with Firefox.

Nevertheless, there seems to be no support for grabbing and saving partial web content preserving most of its original style just as it works with Evernote Web Clipper, right? This is so useful for web research, and as an IT guy I’m mostly interested in just a couple of lines of code.

That’s what the Capture Web Archive service should do at least in case of Safari but the styling depends on what Safari provides (services only receive contents, they can’t grab them on their own).

SnagIt has a “Grab Text” option which might do what you want:


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