How would you re-create "File > Duplicate" function? [previously "Save As..."]

I use a shortcut to show my “WorkingMemory.rtf” note throughout the day. This is where I keep notes for whatever I’m actively working on.

In TextEdit, for example, I would show this note/doc, start dumping ideas, and then “File > Duplicate” and give it a good title. I delete the contents of the original doc for reuse.

in DT, Data > Duplicate is greyed out.

Data > Convert > To RTF doesn’t show a menu for changing the name.

Neither does “Share to DT”

With my workflow, the shortcut is pointing to this doc so changing the name of the original doesn’t make sense.

Any suggestions?

You could duplicate the document in the main window, afterwards you’re also easily able to rename the duplicate.

I’m trying to avoid the main window.
I found a solution that seems like it should work but isn’t.

There is an “Export” button I can add to the Toolbar of the document I’m working on in DT.

Click Export, it gives the option to rename, and I can chose the DT Inbox that is installed on Finder.

The problem: it doesnt import. I have to drag something else in there for it to register, and import the files.

[I tried removing and re-adding the add-on like this Help to get global inbox functioning again please? - #5 by ipanini

The inbox folder is only intended to easily save to DEVONthink from other apps. But a small script could also be used to duplicate & rename files.