Html link to custom css

I am having problems linking to custom CSS files using item links in 2.9.12.

I have a file named custom.css in the same group as the markdown document it links to. The following link statement works and styles the markdown document according to the stylesheets in custom.css:

However, it no longer works when I right click on custom.css, choose Copy Item Link, and then past the item link in to the statement to give the following:

Could you advise on what I am doing wrong please?

Update: my markdown document with an item link in the html tag, which fails to fetch the custom.css on macOS, works correctly on iOS (identical documents synced between DTPO and DTTG2). Have I misunderstood the Release notes for 2.9.12 which say “Markdown documents ….support HTML tags using item links.”

No, it’s just a bug. See Where to put common resources for Markdown documents

Since 2.9.12, I see a related issue: Using

in a Markdown document was working fine in 2.9.11. With 2.9.12, changes made in the CSS file (on the server) are not recognized anymore, i.e. the Markdown preview remains the same (I can even delete the CSS file on the server). On iOS, however, changes are recognized immediately. Restarting DTPO does not resolve the issue.

Is there a cache mechanism which prevents DTPO from downloading the current version of the CSS each time the Markdown preview is generated?

DEVONthink doesn’t cache the file on its own but the WebKit might. Does emptying the cache (see DEVONthink menu) make a difference?

Yes, this resolves the issue. After emptying the cache, server-side updates of the CSS are now recognized immediately (as it was in 2.9.11).