iCloud Sync Bug or Not?

The problem is that I have a “Mobile Documents” folder almost of the same size as “DEVONthinkDB” - 22Gb… I thought that it takes time for iCloud to sync and then to tide its folder up, but it remains the same size already for many months.

All sync goes well and fast (MacBook and iPhone).
I tried to delete files in “Mobile Documents” folder manually, but they re-download again…

I’d like to reclaim the precious SSD space, what should I try else?

This is controlled by iCloud, not us. Do note, it’s not wise to delete resources like this manually.

I suggest you hold the Option key, right-click the sync location and choose Verify Location Thoroughly.

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The “Mobile Documents” folder is a local cache/mirror for iCloud data.

I went through the same problem: I ended up having a lot of stuff in my (iClouded) Documents folder, but despite the fact the memory on the Mac SSD is set to “managed” instead of always download everything, it is inevitable that a rather large percentage of files is stored in Mobile Documents - but that is Apple’s doing…

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Thanks a lot @BLUEFROG, it worked, I returned my 22 Gb! Nice!

Glad to hear it. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Angry iCloud daemons came back to me yesterday and took away 18 Gb of my SSD again. I guess it was due to the last High Sierra security update, or something else… I don’t know.
But @BLUEFROG gave me a secret weapon. I used it and liberated my SSD back! Again. Waiting for another aggression…