iCloud upload….DT3

what’s up with this?

24 hours later still …… Starts with a low number then it keeps adding as it gets close to the number


I’m seeing the same thing. Started happening when I upgraded DT3B7 to DT3 release version. Doesn’t seem to be affecting performance, FWIW.

The same here when I upgraded B7 to DT3

545….files, it just keeps going up and up for 5 hours, then if I close my Mac it start all over again

don’t even know how many files have to upload, as it increases and continuous

Another one seeing this :unamused:

Me too. I’ve tried turning off iCloud sync and turning it back on, but it’s still doing it.

I noticed that behavior as well, but as I had just completed a full sync prior to upgrading, I restarted the app and it went away.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve made a smart group with ‘item as pending’, which shows nothing. I’ve turned off iCloud sync and turned it back on with no change. Also deleted all Devonthink to Go apps on my iOS devices and re-installed to no avail.

Me too, on my both devices.

et al:

This is NOT DEVONthink controlling anything. In fact, it has nothing to do with DEVONthink other than it’s a monitor in our application.

iCloud is not and cannot be controlled by anything by macOS / iOS.

When you sync via iCloud, the Activity Filter pane or window will show Preparing Items, denoting it is syncing to the local machine. The progress shown is an estimated monitor of what iCloud is doing.

I am seeing the exact same thing. @Bluefrog, the Activity Filter or Pane only shows “iCloud Upload x-1 of x items”, and then this status doesn’t change.

People have been reporting this problem since DT3 went GM, so does the final release of DT3 simply correlate with this issue, or could DT3 be involved somehow? (but I see you’ve answered this below).

so is it simple correlation or causation?

Is what simple correlation or causation ?

There is no problem regarding DEVONthink here, unless the monitoring of iCloud was in error (which there’s currently no data supporting this).

Also, has anyone quit and relaunched DEVONthink 3 to see if the progress bar persists?

Quitting and relaunching DT3 does seem to fix the problem. By the way, there does appear to be a consequence of being stuck: if one clicks on the battery status icon in the system menu bar, there’s a menu item indicating that iCloud Drive is “using significant energy”!

Frankly, I find iCloud Drive to be a pain in the neck.

Quitting and relaunching.
Shutting off and restarting Mac.
Doesn’t fix it.

Again the issue is the Activity Filter/panel keeps showing it doesn’t go away.

Frankly, this is the first issue I have had since using iCloud with DT.

Again this happened after DT3 (official release) with the Betas everything was ok.

Same problem here, no cure, present on official release but not on any betas.

I note that ‘bird’ process is using 60+ percent of cpu.

There is something in the 3.0 release version that is doing this.

What could it be???

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bird is the backend iCloud process, not a process under DEVONthink’s control.

Judging by the picture @Hens provided as a reference, this might not be an iCloud issue. I noticed the exact behavior you show when I was performing a Local Network sync via Bonjour to DT Mobile app back during the DT3 betas.

You mean that the sync seemed to stop at n-1 of n items? Did you only see the problem once? How did you resolve it?

@Hens is specifically showing an iCloud monitoring message.

Might be this…

“Improved (Sync): When syncing with iCloud, the initial local sync will display Preparing items for in the Activity window and pane. Afterwards, the progress of iCloud’s uploading will be shown.”


Afterwards, the progress of iCloud’s uploading will be shown.