iCloud Upload showing huge numbers of items

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since a couple of days I am observing continuous upload in the status bar of DT3:
Continuous in a way it is showing huge numbers for the uploads which apparently DT3 needs to make. Sometimes it is 2000 sometimes it is 4000 like in the screenshot.
The numbers displayed does not correspond to any changes which took place on the database which I use with iCloud. I might have added 10 or 20 items to it but not 4000.
Looking into the DB apparently it contains 1901 items in total whereas the update bar is speaking about > 4600 items.
I am only using one this particular DB with iCloud. There are no other DB which leverage iCloud and which are open in DT3. This DB is not using any indexing.

I am bit confused with this and never had this behaviour before.
Appreciate any feedback.

The numbers in the sync information does not correspond to the number of items in a database. As noted many times on the fourms, sync is not merely copying the files from one place to another. It is raw data, chunked for more reliable transport when necessary.

Thanks for details @BLUEFROG. I still do not understand how 10 additional files can generate 6000 items to be uploaded consistently into iCloud. Also this upload goes forever - like hours. And I have 50Mb/s upstream BW here. In that time, Devonthink could have uploaded TB if needed.

I never hard this behaviour before, the upload numbers in my case were always 3 digit max which makes sense with a small DB i have. What i really wonder about is whether a couple of mp3 files which i happened to add into this DB could led to this strange behaviour. What makes no sense though is why this huge upload number is coming again and again if files are already uploaded and no changes took place. Confused :slight_smile:

It would seem it’s doing a full sync of the database. It’s also possible it has an error or has stalled.

Anything reported in Window > Log?

I have the same. I switched from unreliable Dropbox to iCloud sync of DT3 on my iMac. Works well, content about the speed as well. A full sync took place about a week ago, and my iOS devices and a Macbook are showing all the files, also when adding new items on either device.
I checked the log window; it is and stays blank.
The “upload” does not seem to increase the storage needs in iCloud; it stays roughly the same in terms of gigabytes.
Also, the counter shows an increase in items uploaded AND total items

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 10.44.36 AM
Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 10.46.51 AM

Did DEVONthink crash or freeze? Which version do you use?

I am using Pro Edition 3.6
No crashes or freezes on OSX, occasionally DT on my iPad Pro 12.9 freezes

Is a verification of the iCloud sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) successful?

Yes, location successfully verified (in log window)

Also, the counter restarted by itself. DT was idle and it is now at 156 of 180.
Maybe because the counter exceeded 10k?

This could be caused by a scheduled or automatic sync (see Preferences > Sync) which either resumes a former interrupted upload and/or uploads new/modified data.

Sync setting is on Automatic + On Quit or Deactiviation

I am using an iMac Late 2015, 27", Core i7, 32Gb, with Catalina 10.15.3

And is the number of items to be uploaded still that high?

Well, there is nothing to upload, but the counter is still growing. Now 606 of 650 items. It took about all night to get to 9k+.
Network traffic is not high, about 1k upload with regular spikes of 1Mbits

These two numbers don’t differ much. I would say that the number of items is at about 90% of the total number of items indicated.
I have four databases, three less than 1000 items, one of about 3,900 items

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks!

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hei @cgrunenberg

I am running DT 3.6

Verification check is positive in my case:


I am not getting any additional logs.

My setting for the sync:

Right now, compared to yesterday and some previous days I am seeing normal numbers:

The numbers are not identical to the number of uploaded database items, the sync splits large files into smaller ones.

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Did not change any files, the numbers keep changing all the time:
If i haven’t changed anything on the DB, why is it uploading anything at all?

Update; 4 hours later still looking on this, the number keeps growing: