Import Outlook 2016 into Devon Think Pro

Hi, I just bought the Pro version and trying to figure out the best way to archive my Outlook 2016 e-mail.

I have now imported my first archive. But how can I update the archive ? What is the best way, for example once a week ? And how do I update the archive ? Just run the same “Archive Mailbox” every time ?

That’s one possibility. Both archiving and importing emails skip already imported emails. Deleting already archived emails or moving them to a different mailbox will improve the speed, by the way.

Thanks for your reply. So if I understand you correctly you say I should delete all the e-mails in Outlook that I already archived in DTPO ?

Welcome @Erik911

you say I should delete all the e-mails in Outlook that I already archived

No, that’s not what was said. DEVONthink ignores already imported emails so you can just use the Archive Mailbox option and it will only import the newly received messages.

Thanks !

Is there a way to automate the “archive mailbox” option, or do I need to do this manually ?

It’s a manual process, but easily done.

Sorry to ask some more but I have done my first " archive mailbox" and have an database called Outlook.

If I now perform another " archive mailbox" this will first go to my Inbox and from there I move it to the database Outlook ? Or am I doing it the wrong way ?

You can do it that way, but if you are using the View > Import sidebar, you set the destination in the Destination dropdown on the righthand side of the application. This is described in Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Email

Thank you. So I followed your suggestion. but after setting the destination and when finished I still get the imported emails in the Inbox above ?

Are you using the Import sidebar or Mailbox > Add to DEVONthink 3 in Mail?

I am not using Mail but Outlook 2016

So the Import side bar. Or is there another way ?

Ahh… yes. Sorry I was reading two email related threads.

Archive Mailbox should create an Emails group in the root of the database chosen in the Destination dropdown in the Import sidebar.

Also, I don’t have Outlook installed on this machine, but check the script menu in the menubar while you’re in Outlook.

I see the Emails group in the Destination, but after ready the imported emails show in the Inbox…where I should move them manually to the Destination…

I also don’t see the script menu in Outlook ?

Are you using the Archive Mailbox or Import Email button in the Import sidebar?

Archive Mailbox

Okay, I’ve got Outlook installed now.

In Apple’s script menu in the menubar, you should see two scripts…

However, I am not seeing any issue when importing via the Archive Mailbox button…

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.43.55 PM

I don’t see the Microsoft Outlook Scripts like in your screen ?

These scripts are not in DEVONthink’s scripts menu but in the global script menu extra.

Sorry but I don’t see it ? I have searched everywhere can’t find it ? Can you show me where ?

You can activate the global script menu via the the preferences of the Script Editor app.