Imported Apple Mail item URL non-clickable

When I import an Apple Mail email, I can’t click within the body in DT in order to click on a URL in the email. If I click the icon “Text Alternative” in the top right, that converts the item, but only temporarily. If I go to another item in DT and come back, I’m stuck within an unclickable URL in the email again.

Is there any workaround for this?

I really need URLs to be hyperlinks. How do I get them to work in DT?

I used to be able to right click, go to Substitutions, and “Add Links”–but that’s not there anymore.

Wow. This doesn’t even work when I create a new rtf item and type into it. I even have Data Detectors turned on in the preferences.

Does DT just ignore URLs? How can a program this advanced not make them active hyperlinks automatically?

Select the typed URL. Choose “Format > Add Link” – the selected URL has already been entered – and click “OK”.

DEVONthink uses Apple’s text (the basis of TextEdit) as the rich and plain text editor.

By default, “Data Detectors” is turned off in Preferences, as some documents may open much more slowly when it is active.

There is no way to select any text in the body of the email item, as I stated above.

Even if I click on the “Text Alternative” button on the far right, and then select the URL (easy enough, because now it’s been converted to a hyperlink), there is no “Format > Add Link” option available, either on a drop down menu or by right clicking the hyperlink.

Here’s what I’m after:

  1. People send me emails with just a URL link in the body all the time.
  2. I import the email from Apple Mail into DEVONThink Pro.
  3. I am stuck with a URL in the body of the item that is not a hyperlink, can’t be clicked, and can’t be selected.
  4. I can use the Text Alternative button to convert the URL into a hyperlink, but there is no way to save that change to the item.

My response about making a clickable link related to your post about typing a URL in a rich text document.

Captured Mail messages are not editable. Depending on the original message, a typed URL may or may not be a clickable link (in most of my captured messages they are clickable in rich text view). If not, you could click on the “Text” bottom to switch to rich text display, select the URL string and copy it. Paste the string into an editable rich text note and turn it into a link, as described.

Yes, you are right about your response being about creating an rtf file. My apologies. That works fine.

I went back to the original email I had imported. In Apple Mail, the URL was a hyperlink.

I tried importing it again. A disaster then occurred: DEVONThink immediately began importing MY ENTIRE EMAIL INBOX!!! I cancelled it, but now I have a folder called “Inbox” that is within my Global Inbox. I neither understand how or why this folder was created by DT, nor how such an automated runaway process could launch itself when I was importing only ONE selected email.

A second oddity is that if I search for the above-mentioned email, it comes up as the top hit, and the link is clickable in the preview pane below!

Very confused now. And also scared: why did DT start importing things I didn’t ask it to?

All problems solved.

Re-installed Apple plugin twice. Now DT no longer imports my entire Inbox when I just have one email selected to import.

I also got to the bottom of why the URL in that one email wasn’t a hyperlink in DT: I think the email was corrupted. Looking at the original email in Apple Mail, the URL wasn’t clickable either! (not hyperlinked)

Sorry for all the confusion. I still have a lot to learn about DT. And I need to improve my testing (and communication) skills.