Improving DTG as a reader of documents

I’m wondering what sort of enhancements will be made to improve DTG as a reader of documents, web pages, etc. It would be nice to get rid of Instapaper.

DTG hasn’t changed much in quite a while, and feature parity with DTG 3 would be a great step. Will SwiftUI help this?

Feature parity with DT3 will not fully happen due to hardware and operating system differences between Macs and mobile.

Regarding enhancements for reading in DEVONthink To Go, make some suggestions :slight_smile:

I for one would love the simple ability to move down and up within groups either from the keyboard or from within a document using a gesture, as it would substantially decrease friction. (Keyboard shortcuts in general would be much appreciated.)


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Yes. Rather than having to go back to the group level — just to be able to bang straight from one document to the next would be helpful. Also a back button when browsing web pages, rather than being sent back, again, to the group level.

Also a back button when browsing web pages, rather than being sent back, again, to the group level.

? There is a back button for navigating back through visited pages.

There is? Where is it on this page, for example:

Interesting… I’m not seeing it consistently. I will file an issue.

Wait, i’ve figured it out, but it’s not at all clear: the arrow to the left of DEVONthink, upper left, sometimes works as a back button - when there’s a page to go back to - and at other times simply takes you back to the parent group.

Correct. That’s what I was referring to.

But it doesn’t always work! Sometimes it won’t take you back a page even when there is a page to go back to…

Can we have a public issue tracker on GitHub/GitLab?

Again, I reported there is an inconsistency.

Sorry, but no. This is not open-source software and our internal development is not for public inspection.

Requests and issues are reported here or on our Support ticket system.

No problem, I believe other close-source software such as Sublime Text does a good work to keep issues public( & wonder whether devonthink could too.

Each company handles these things in the manner most comfortable for them. We choose to use the forums and support system as the main channels for reports and discussion. We also have an extensive version history with each release.

A lot of effort is being devoted to simplify development for both OSes. Nevertheless, the iOS version and the macOS version of DT are nowhere close in terms of parity… Devon seems much more like a MacOS developer than an iOS developer.

Some wanted features in DTTG:

  • ePub reader with sync across DT (and some customizations like font, font size, interline, alignment, 2/3 columns in landscape…)
  • Dark mode (not because it is fashion, but on nights is waaaay more comfortable to use)
  • When viewing a document and clicking in a link, opened web page does not allow import into DTTG or open into Safari
  • Resolve the issue with the annotations in PDF not showing right between DT and DTTG

How a true full screen mode, from which all toolbars etc. can be banned and where only the text is visible?

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I forgot that option. Sometimes having the top bar is very annoying.