iOS 13 updated app

Wondering when the features of iOS/ ipados 13 will be implemented ???

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We’re a small company and have to do things one-by-one. When you look at the work we do on the Mac side and the bug fixes on iOS you might get an idea that we’re working weekends. Which features of iOS 13 would you be most interested in? Dark mode and contextual menus are on our table here for the first feature update.


Multiple windows on ipados


Multiple windows would be SO useful.

Multiple windows too ! Black theme, of course but here is my list:

  1. One button back up to external drive - probably impossible to implement for people just using Ipad, but I can ask? I wouldn’t mind paying extra. This way, I am not just relying on cloud backups for everything that has been sorted and tagged.
  2. Commenting on INFO section needs ability to use RETURN. Currently, it just closes out the info if I click Return.
  3. Drag and Drop feature within the app so it is easier to move files

Most of these things are forgivable to otherwise great app.

What DEVONtechnologies does makes me happy every single day :slight_smile:
Thanks to the whole team!

Thank you for your suggestions. Backup to an external drive might be possible now that we have USB support in iOS finally. Commenting with the Return key not dismissing the Info field is definitely not complicated to implement. Noted.

Drag-and-drop within the app is actually possible everywhere. Where does it not work?

OMG - y’all are geniuses! It DOES work. The few times I’ve tried, it showed a circle with diagonal slash, so I assumed it does not work… did not know that I needed to proceed and it will go into the group.

Similarly, the multiple icon list view was difficult to find. This is useful for visual person like myself.

Your search function keeps being impressive. I also found out yesterday that I can use tagging from the file system!

I almost switched to NOTEBOOKS since they have multiple windows and black theme. They also have sleek visual appearance . However, your app does so much more… it’s just hidden in the lack of visual signifier as a top notch app. Sometimes, the front end design hinders the ease of use - like the fact it hides some of the functions.

Another useful function would be text recognition in images. This will be a HUGE ask tho. Currently, the images are turned into readable PDFs by use of Scanbot or Scanner Pro, then imported into the Devon. Tho this is really additional stuff that might take away the focus of Devon being the best place to store and search files.

I wish I can create automated shortcuts to create OCR’d PDFs from screenshots (non-website), but shortcuts on Ios is still frustratingly rudimentary. I tried for days to make it work but nope. I think there’s some javascript apps that may work via scripting but have not looked into them.

I’m having issues with clip-to with attach Pdfs, at one point it was working but now it seems to not. Will test again. I end up using the Share - File- DTTG- Database- Group anyway.

Thanks for such an amazing app! Impressive and very helpful for my university study! Improved commenting info will allow more info on citations - Im tired of trying to make citation apps work on Ios. LOL

Which app in the same space would you consider having a modern, appealing appearance? Currently we’re sticking mostly to iOS standards with our own fonts and colors.

As for visual cues: That is exactly the problem of iOS. Should you add buttons but everything? Then it clutters the UI. Or you use gestures, like Apple does, but then nobody knows (like the tap-and-hold on the space bar of virtual keyboards for moving the keyboard — even John Gruber didn’t know that one until someone told him).

I’m really thinking so to be helpful.

I think Readdle’s Documents looks very sleek. However, you would lose significant amount of functions trying to accomplish this. Their apps are frustrating - lacking functions.

The Apple’s own file app has tiny little things everywhere that makes them look good - like the icons are bigger than font and placed in the center of top and bottom margins. Again, you can’t do that without sacrifices.

Having the dark mode will make the DTTG look much more sleek. This might be enough? I’m mostly concerned about your sales. People just go to sleek looking apps.

Perhaps including visual representation in the instruction manual or on your website might help people to immediately notice all these wonderful things like the multiple icon view and tagging from file. Some app company does this - like less words on website but BAM! visual representation - you can do THIS and THIS. I know, stupid… but we can’t figure it out.

I’d probably take away the circle with a slash sign - either the app drag and drops the document or it doesn’t… when I see that sign, it’s a cue that the app just can’t move the file at all. Maybe focus just on positive re-enforcement like the way it changes colours to tell me that the app CAN move the file. Right now, I’m having to go back and forth and confused, “No it can’t … oh wait it might… nope, it can’t … wait. :joy:

As far as fonts go - it’s a pain to look for one that everyone agrees on, I think ios uses the San Francisco font… off shoot of Helvetica. They look bit more rounded - or at least slightly slimmer and x height a bit taller, bit more in-between space. It looks like yours is more Avenir - but maybe I’m totally wrong.

We will definitely add dark mode as soon as the DEVONthink 3 launch aftermath is calming down. And we were looking for ways to make the icon view easier visible but found no real way how to do it without adding even more icons. It’s the iOS problem #1: Less features, more icons, or features that nobody discovers easily.

As for drag-and-drop: The icons during the drag are provided by iOS depending on the target. So whenever you drag something over an area where you can drop you should get no sign; if you’d create a copy you’ll get a plus sign; and if you cannot drop a stop sign.

Font: Avernir Next.

I’m unsure if I should be proud that I knew it was Avenir or ashamed. LOL

I think website and documentation with image of icon view - perhaps even animated one that clicks the icon on the website will clarify the issue?

Drag and drop: Currently, DTTG gives a stop sign while simultaneous blinking to show that file may be drag-dropped.

It could at least for all three people reading the documentation :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you, maybe, share a screen capture of this? Maybe better via direct message so we don’t letter this thread too much.

With the iPad Pro I use less the Mac and consequently miss few features from DVTP3.
With DVT2GO I miss:
Moving groups after merge of notes;
Better note edit: lists and colors;
Meta Data as on DVTP3.

What exactly do you mean? Better note editing is definitely on our list.

Lists with bullets and numbers plus colours for text and high-lining. To emphasise text to-day the only possibility is bold, underline … meaning if you like to share a note you need to work-it somewhere else.

Definitely understood. But what do you mean with “Moving groups after merge of notes”?

Ability to move group (as documents) to another location; it can be done on the mac using the mouse but there is no solution on the iMac.

Why not use drag-and-drop?

Drag & Drop doesn’t work for that situation but work very well on the Mac.
My typical case is grouping items in the inbox and then moving the new group to an existing data base.
What I do at this stage is to move the items first and then group them into their new location; this requires much more manipulations.
Many thanks for your help and the work done with the mac application; it’s just fantastic!