iPadOS 14.0 Files app & DTTG - Recently Deleted files showing

Hi, I just upgraded my iPad to iPadOS 14.0 and noticed the Files app in iPadOS, when selecting Recently Deleted underneath the Locations heading, shows quite a few files listed within Recently Deleted which have filenames (in a black font) and associated dates underneath each filename (in grey font, formatted such as 7/18/20) and right below each date is the text (also in grey font) “DEVONthink To Go”. Oddly, I am not able to delete these files or get rid of them from the Recently Deleted list in the Files app even though the DEVONthink To Go app on that iPad has a count of zero files in the Trash and lists no files in the Trash. I local sync this iPad to a MacBook running DEVONthink 3 over a LAN. Oddly enough, I do the same with an iPhone which is also running iOS 14 and DEVONThink To Go but the Files app on that iPhone does not list any DEVONthink To Go files in the Files app as described herein. The good news is, on the iPad, the DEVONThink To Go files listed in Recently Deleted can not be opened or read (at least not manually using the iPad user interface controls), the bad news is that I am unable to delete or clear that list which leaks the names of those files by virtue of displaying them. Any suggestions? Should I remove DEVONthink To Go app on the iPad, restart the iPad, reinstall the app and resync on the LAN with the MacBook? Thanks!

It’s a known issue, discussed at length here:

Thank you, I hadn’t seen this, even though I searched before I posted.

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