Is anyone using the app Highlights together with DT?

Hi. I have started to use the app Highlights together with DT. I use it mainly on my iPad. The really good thing about Highlight is that it is able to sort the various colours used to highlight a text into groups: yellow highlights, red highlights etc. In total 8 groups. Perfect for literature reviews: yellow for research question, blue for findings etc.

That gives me a sorted pdf-document, that I import back into DT.

Now I wonder how to link the two documents: the original pdf and the annotations from the pdf. When performing searches, I only want to include the original document.

I was thinking about tagging - but that will make my use of tags inconsistent. Might marks be used? Will I be able to search for specific coloured marks?

I’m wondering what the lovely manual knows about that … Typing “Search” in the Help input field and selecting “Appendix: Search prefixes”, I read

label: The color label of a file, from 0 (no label) though 7 or by name, e.g., Important.

Might that answer your question?

Why not just make a link annotation in the annotation PDF?

It might, yes - thank you.

Being a non-IT person and not too confident in English, you do not always know what to search for. I read your response as ironic and not very kind. That is disheartening …


I am not too sure how links work within DT. But if you think that can provide the same solution, I will look into that :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what solution you are looking for but if you just wanted to have an in-document link from one PDF to another, then yes, you could use a link annotation.

What helps if you do such searches often (like me) is an app that expands text. So instead of typing “label:green” every time, I type “lg space space”.

I tested a few PDF apps this summer and posted my comments here:

Highlights is a beautiful app. I did enjoy it, but I had a problem of it not remembering my reading place, which made it unviable for me because I often don’t finish a paper in one sitting.

I settled on the free version of PDFExpert, but am still having sync issues between PDFExpert and DTTG, so patience is required :joy:

Having said that, I kept Highlights on my iPad because I did like it…

P.S. I don’t think @chrillek is being unkind. Please remember you are not the only one in this forum using English as a second language, and also we come from different cultures with different speech patterns. What is seen as blunt or helpful to one person can seem rude or unclear to someone else from a different culture, but you should not assume malicious intent where there’s unlikely to be any.


Related request that would bring Highlights sort-by-annotation-colors functionality to DT3:

I think this would be ideal as DT3 is great for reading and marking up PDFs, and the summarize annotations feature is quite powerful, especially across a collection of PDFs. I keep playing with Highlights but then return to DT3 and miss sort-by-colors.

I use Hookmark to link such things (and a lot more.) One of my top 5 apps—couldn’t live without it.