Is Catalina ok?

Has anybody installed the final version of Catalina (available as of immediately) and used DT3? Did you experience any problems? Any unrelated cautions?

I’m just doing it… 600 MB of 8 GB to restart!

I will be here once finished… or not… :sweat_smile:


Trying it now - but I am not alone - The Apple server keeps interrupting the connection - clearly huge demand

I’m back and at least DT seems being working right.

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I’ve run 10.15 b8, b9 and now I’m on b10. No issues with DEVONthink or anything else, for that matter. YMMV.

I’m having a severe problem just now. DT is complaining high and loud about not available disk space when I have 1.5 TB free due some stupid RO partition Catalina has mounted!!!

Keep us posted, please. My Catalina install is almost complete.

Just installed it, took 2 hours for everything but Catalina looks nice and DT3 seems to work fine. Wow they optimized the Dark mode in Catalina looks nicer.

Noticing fun and CPU usage goes up while syncing, hopefully will get better later.


I updated both my iMAC (DT still shows the no-space error) and my MacBook Pro (DT does not complain about it). Seems something related to Fusion Drive, but not sure yet.

Here is a caution - don’t update at a mission-critical time if it is your only computer.

I have been waiting several hours for Catalina to install on my 2nd Mac - I almost gave up until I saw this from the beta phase of Catalina - apparently people reported taking anywhere from 3 to 36 hours until the update finally worked.

I don’t know if this is the same issue on the final release version, but for sure mine is taking forever and if this were a computer I relied on for ongoing work I would be in trouble now.

Here is a caution - don’t update at a mission-critical time if it is your only computer.

Agreed, and also why we tell people not to run beta operating systems too. It’s best to leave well enough alone until a better time where you can make sure your backups are current, and you have time to troubleshoot if needed.

All good here.

Installation finally complete - all appears well so far - it took about 6 hours total

That’s absolutely crazy. wow…

And that’s on a pretty capable machine - a Mac Pro with 128 Gb RAM

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I imagine it was an OS upgrade, not an Erase and Install, yeah?

wow how old is your Mac or how much data do you have on your mac….


2013 Mac Pro

128Gb RAM

I read somewhere that the installation involves verifying Time Machine snapshots - that may be why it took so long. The main drive is 1TB, with 10 TB of external storage, 5TB of which is dedicated to Time Machine.

OS upgrade here took about two hours