Is it true the text color cannot every be changed? It's grey

No matter how many times I change it in the settings it never changes to black.

Unfortunately not. I often resort to saving a digest and changing the colour on that. It’s a longstanding gripe, though apparently only from a handful of us, so I see why it’s hard for DEVONtech to prioritise it. Older thread on this (now closed):

It is so bizarre. Whoever chose the default color on that could have chosen it to be black. It’s unreadable. I was thinking of buying it, but this is a deal breaker for me.

Thank you for the feedback, a future release will probably include such an option.

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The app is so amazing that it’s worth buying anyway. I wouldn’t say you get used to the text colour exactly, but there’s literally nothing else that does anything like it as a research tool, so the power does ultimately offset the frustration. And the ability to save results in digest form does offer a kind of a workaround when you really need to read it. At the very least, I’d recommend maxing out the trial – I think it’s the same generous deal as DT where you can get 150 hours of use if you don’t leave it open.