Type Color?

Why are the results in the digest in such hard to read font color? The same problem exists on the bottom of the results page. This was one of the reasons I stopped trying to use DevonAGENT. There is medium grey font color against a white background. I see no preference to change that to black text on a white background. Surely this is something that the user can correct? How am I to use this for research if I have to strain so hard just to read the results. How can I change this?

ADDED: I can change the text size on the bottom part of results page and on the digest page. It “looks like” I can change the font color with the Font color and the color wheel from the text selection dialog. But that change does not take affect. I sill want to change the medium gray text on a white background. Yuch. :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback but this is not (yet) possible.

Thank you for considdering this. And please, hurry. :smiley:

This seems overdue for a bump; I’ve never understood the unforced choice to impose drastically lowered readability in a text-heavy feature that is so central to the genius of this app. I can’t be the only other user in six years to find this a major barrier to everyday use. It would be wonderful if we at least had the option to set the text colour to black.

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