Is the possibility to share as a hyperlink (http) and not item link available with DT Server?

Hello! I’ve been working off a DT trial and plan to purchase this weekend. One use case that I’m still working my head around is how I could integrate DT with Notion - which is what I mainly prefer to use for project management personally (ClickUp with my team).

My understanding is that DT Server provides a web-based interaction portal - does this mean that I could generate hyperlinks to any of my saved content as well? If yes, that would be enough for me to pick it up as I can’t presently use item links (or Hook etc…) to link to content external to Notion within Notion b/c they don’t support anything other than Hyperlink linking. Thank you!

I just found this post (How do I get the direct URL of a document via the server web interface? - #4 by BLUEFROG) - so I’m thinking this is a “no”, but leaving my post just in case things have been updated since then. Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is a major reason why I built an official API for DT3


This looks very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I read your post, and I’ll admit that much of what is shared is beyond my current working knowledge :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:; that being said, I think I’d like to give it a go as I do have access to Zapier and am fairly familiar with that. Do you think this is overkill for me if all I want to do is be able to weblink to specific resources in DT? For example, I’d like to link a particular document or groups of documents to Notion via a weblink in a URL field.

Thank you, @rkaplan!

It’s probably overkill for you to set up MongoDb and create a detailed front end

It’s a lot simpler to only set up the API and either use the API’s built-in front end or use Shortcuts to create an easy way to retrieve by x-devonthink-link over the web