Is there a "flat" view for items from group hierarchies?

I never really used DT for handling images, but finally I tried this today.

So far I am please, beside 2 points (second point in second post):

  1. I cannot find a “flat view” for groups

Meaning, if there is a group that contains groups of other groups (read: a hierarchy of directories), I cannot find a way to see all content from all groups - or for images, all images from all directories and subdirectories.

Most other Apps simply have this as a toggle in the View menu.

Is this possible with DT?
If not, could that probably be added? Would make DT such much more valuable for lots of secnarios!

If you search for kind:any document within a parent group then this should give you a flat list with all items contained in that group and its subgroups


And if you need such a flat list often you can create a Smart Group instead of doing the search manually each time.

Ah, that’s a neat trick.

It’s not as convenient as a View option, but it even offers more flexibility.

Many thanks!

This makes DT even more valuable to me :slight_smile:

Yes, but this would need to be done to any relevant top folder …
I think the type:image or type:video will do it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Script: Create or change smart group(s) creates a Smart Group in every selected group.

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Thanks a bunch!

Will check this out!

But still, creating Smart Groups everywhere seems to be a bit of over-kill.
It may be appropriate for Inbox’es or Import-folders.

I was curious how many folders I have:

(base) tja@mini:~$ find /Volumes/XTRMQ -type d 2>/dev/null | wc -l

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ok … You can also see this via File > Database Properties.

Like the global default smart group History.

This was my external drive, only a tiny portion of that is indexed in DT.

I see “History” in the list of Smart Group and searched the PDF for an explanation, but could not find one.

I also tried to click on this, but I have no idea what it does or shows :open_mouth: