Is there a release date for a version compatible with the Sonoma system?

Actually today’s 3.9.3 release. But as usual we don’t recommend immediately upgrading to new macOS releases and to await the first bugfix releases instead. E.g. currently the PDF services are completely broken on Sonoma.


I understand that, but I’m really looking forward to the update.
can’t wait!
lol :joy:

Well, you have been warned… :wink:


There’s nothing in Sonoma worth immediately upgrading.


Ah, but the new Desktop photos are awesome.

The login screen is disgusting – at least on the beta :nauseated_face:
And I wouldn’t sacrifice functionality for anything in Sonoma at this point.

Thanks for the heads up. I was about to excitedly update. Then the stern and wise reminder🤓. Thanks really though.

Just FYI, I am now on Mac mainly for the apps, including as you know yours which is my work space now really.
I don’t have the Mac fan boy feel I used to have. One has to remember though that they do have a good product. That is the bottom line but there is very little for two years or more on any of their devices that I feel I have had needed. My needs are, it must be said fairly low tech, nearly all text based including professional sites I go into and so on.

I will say my recent over hasty upgrade to ios17 was a mistake.

Mrs P. sorted out the cell phone connection when I finally took the bug fixes I expected to come two days after the update. Apple support, who used to be superb were terrible. Just terrible, just worked from a script which was, basically, as I knew wrong. All they were interested in was the rating I would give them. Working to that obviously from the get go and also constrained by the ‘script’ they were using. It was grueling for them as well as me I think.
It cuts against the ‘high end’ feel, even personal touch one gets from Apple products and indeed from support on the better apps.
I have noticed some, Ulysses for example, recently have become a bit ‘routine’. If I can put it that way.

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Me too.

(being ironic. seems to have failed.)

LOL - not at all. Just registering my opinion for passers-by :wink:

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What are issues with pdf services? Planning to update as I use reminders and notes which got updates for parity to mobile, but may hold off if issues with pdf?

I predominantly use DTTG for all pdf however so just wondering if this will affect me.

This affects only the print panel, things like printing to another app, saving to the Downloads folder or to iCloud Drive or sending the PDF via Mail don’t work anymore.

DTTG uses another framework.

PDF services and PDFkit are not the same, PDF services are a printing feature (and based on printtool).

Can’t they be content with breaking one thing?

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But printing to DEVONthink from Safari does work with yesterday’s official first Sonoma release! That was the first thing I tested.

What does not work is passing the URL to DT via the PrintService. It does work though by the Share extension which makes me wonder if omitting it in Printing is really a bug and not on purpose as just another step of the iOSification of mac OS.

Weird, it’s definitely not working over here (official build)

Is PDF broken in Sonoma and macOS? Unbeliable!!!


Sonoma supports MFi hearing aids. It’s an immense benefit to those who use hearing aids. In fact - as this feature does not work on Intel machines, that of itself is sufficient for me to upgrade from a Mac Pro to a Studio. I already have it working on my laptop and it is quite helpful.