Issues with scanned-in documents, OCR'd by ABBYY - Files set to read-only

Hi all,

there is an odd issue that I’ve been discussing by email with Jim from support. I’d like to see if there are others experiencing this.

I use an older Fujitsu ScanSnap with DevonThink to scan directly into the Inbox. OCR is taken care of by ABBYY FineReader. So far so good - been using this scenario for years.

Recently, something must have changed. Some files turn out to be locked somehow as I can’t edit them in the viewer (i.e. delete individual pages) - the options are simply grayed out in the right-click menu.

To make this short, it turns out that these files are set to read-only by DevonThink (or the Apple PDFKit library) as it deems something to be wrong with them. Interestingly, these files have “ABBYY FineReader Engine 12” in the Creator property. Even stranger is the fact that I have other files created just after the affected ones in the exact same manner (!) that work just fine. These files have “DEVONthink 3” in the Creator property and show a “Producer” property that the affected files do not show, namely “macOS Version 13.4 (build…) Quartz PDFContext”.

So there is something different here, though the missing Producer property likely doesn’t cause the read-only setting.

I also came across this entry that was refreshed in 2021: Read-only PDF document - #6 by pete31

Sounds very similar to my issues.

Another symptom: I can edit these files in PDF Expert (which, as Jim informed me, doesn’t use the Apple PDFKit library but their own) just fine and then re-save them to Devonthink without a hitch.

Something tells me that the issue may have come up with a FineReader Update recently (which makes sense - it is the last library that touches the PDF file before it appears in the Inbox when I scan documents).

Jim indicated that “The file is marked read-only, most commonly due to fonts that aren’t compatible with Apple’s PDFKit.” That, too, would point to FineReader IMHO.

Even though the Creator is marked “FineReader Engine 12”, I have version 1.1.24 installed. Not sure where the “12” comes from.

I’m on DevonThink 3.91

I can put here my tny help if the issue is with the fonts: when generating the PDFs with ABBYY (in Windows, sorry), there is an option to mark that says something like “use compatible fonts when font is not available”. Perhaps it is disabled.

Another thing you could try is mark the option to embed all used fonts in the PDF.

As said, both options are in Windows ABBYY, version 15. I don’t know if those are available in macOS one.