It's that time of year again… [OT]

This time of year comes round so fast
But let’s not think of ditties past
Instead assess the forum’s year
If you have time to lend an ear.

Last year we praised those at the top
The gods of DEVONthink…no, stop!
I mean those who create (and more)
The very software we’re here for.

This year it’s time to tip our hats
To unacknowledged support top cats
(I speak not of the feline type
But humans who deserve some hype.)

Some forum members always try
To help those stranded, not knowing why
Or how or when or if or where
An indexed file loss can repair.

<“Ride of the Valkyries” from Götterdämmerung>

Chrillek rides his mount with ease
(A glint of steel parentheses)
The horse’s name is JavaScript
Stabled well, with const hay tipped.

No nonsense Chrillek takes at all
Beware what you may yet befall
For AppleScript is not bees’ knees—
Laid low by steel parentheses!

</ “Ride of the Valkyries”>

But if your mind remains a Blanc
There is another of equal rank
Who cares to share for mortals here
Assistance given without fear.

He doesn’t ride a horse, of course
So you can feel, without remorse,
Freedom to mention other *scripts
No fear that you’ll be shred to bits.

Last year with shame I did omit
Some who in the pantheon sit
So this year I must make it plain
Why YOU’RE not here…let me explain.

Writing ditties is too hard
(Because, you see, I am no bard)
However much I give the time
Some usernames will just not rhyme!

(With apologies both to those mentioned and those unmentioned: and heartfelt thanks to all of you.)



There is a great
man with a pen.
This is Stephen,
without threat.

(Non near your quality, but I’m Spanish talking as disclaimer).


The man awoke. An early morning in an unfamiliar room. He laid in the still, velvet darkness listening to the silence and the occasional ping of the radiator. “Maybe I’ll check the forums…”, he thought. Fumbling for his phone, he winced against the light as it awoke. Bleary-eyed, he scrolled the threads, seeing if there was anything he could respond to without crawling out of bed yet. A thread from a regular caught his eye. He read, with a growing smile, words about other members, selflessly spoken in public, full of wit and generosity. This followed by a nice response from another forum member. He bookmarked the thread, put the phone to sleep, and closed his eyes, thinking, “These are the moments that remind me of why I do what I do and how unusually blessed I am to know and be in the company of people like this.”

Thank you @Stephen_C for brightening the day of many, including mine. :heart::relaxed:


Thanks so much, Jim, for your most kind and heartwarming comments - which have assuaged the pain of a whirlwind of Christmas baking. :blush: